Ever have one of those nights that you drink so much you black out...

If there's one thing to hate about bathtubs, it's the annoyance of finding a spider and a wee bit webbing around it. After that, I'm a bitty deterred to go in.
I think it's some hybrid of a NY accent, a Russian accent (from mostly hanging out with Russians for 10 years) and an Israeli accent.
Everyone always asks me what accent I have, and I always get different guesses.
i dont have an accent; florida kind of drains everyone's heritage and reforms it into sludge*

*unless youre from cuba or mexico
... And then over the few hours after waking up find out about all the stupid shit you did last night?

Roger Kell Jr AKA Johnny Hollywood has this happen to him every thursday when he goes out to "The Church"
it's really hilarious watching him do really stupid shit and then not remember anything the next day
sometimes we video tape him