For those of you with wives, how do they feel about metal?

I don't think that the guy is as passionate about metal as you guys are so it's not so weird that he unpacked a bunch of cds in front of a random girl he married. It's no big deal, really.
I'm finding it just a tad strange that the whole dating/courting/fucking/seeing/being in a relationship with/living with and now being married to of this person didn't include one conversation about what music you're into. Or is she a mail order bride or something? Or did you meet at a casino and get married by an Elvis impersonator on a crazy whim? Whatever the reason, this won't do at all. Divorce this heinous wench before she sucks the very marrow from your being.

I usually dont reply to these types of threads, but your response here is hilarious :lol:

OP is an obvious troll.
My wife hates it (she's okay with Def Leppard and Whitesnake type stuff) but she seems quick enough to tell people I listen to it.
Weirdly, she said to me last night "I love that guitar" - I've got a new white Jackson RR5. Never thought I'd hear her saying she loves one of my guitars.
My wife is into hard rock and punk mostly so she's obviously ok with me being a metal head.She isn't into the extreme stuff like me.I am a huge black metal fan but I also love death metal as well.
My girlfriend like it, but stays away from the more extreme death\black\thrash metal bands mostly because she think its too macho\gay for chicks to enjoy extreme metal. I can blast it all day long without her minding it though. I could never date a girl who disliked metal in general.
My girlfriend totally supports my love for Metal. She may not like it 100% of the time, but she listens to my favorite song when I'm really into it. She usually likes more of the softer instrumentals from metal albums like "Desolate Ways" "Into The Dead Sky" "Voice Of The Soul" etc. We don't have a problem with our musical differences.
Whoever you end up with doesnt have to love everything you do. They just have to love you and that means respect the things you love. Just as you must do the same for them.
(such a nonmetalness here. i think ill skin one of the nearly dead people lying on my floor.)
How can anyone not like metal, seriously.

People are just square. Im used to it by now, people look upon me and my music tastes with confusion or they think its "just a phase" people are ridiculous I swear. Im not married, but I will say that I dont feel that any woman I end up with has to have the same passion for metal that I do. Though metal/goth/whatever chicks are kind of hit/miss for me. Im not into women that smoke, have tattoos and so on...just some of my peeves.
I'm really fruity so chances of being married to a woman into metal music is slim to none.