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King Richard

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Mar 23, 2006
Wouldn't you like to know
I just signed a contract with's blog network to be the Head Writer, Editor In Chief, and Colts correspondent for their Indianapolis Colts blog. Basically, I'm getting paid to write about the Colts and the NFL in general.

I've been doing it for a little while now for a Colts blog called Stampede Blue. The major difference being I wasn't in charge of the site, and I wasn't getting paid. Now I am in charge of the site and I'm getting paid. Pretty sweet huh? Thank you baby jesus for creating google!

If you don't want to hear about the back story I would recommend skipping these next few paragraphs.

This past Tuesday (5/19), I woke up to get ready for work. I turned on my laptop to check my emails real fast and I received this email from some guy talking about a "good opportunity" and how he was the blog manager for Fanball, which is predominantly a huge fantasy league site (yeah, shocker I know, KD and fantasy sports). They also have other sites affiliated with Fanball itself such as a news site called Rototimes. And if you check at the upper-right side of the Rototimes site you will see some linkage to the blogs themselves.

Well I checked into it and no doubt, they launched a new blog network for the 4 major professional sports (MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL). This guy who has been recruiting writers needed a Colts blogger. So one day he googled "colts" and "colts blog" and apparently my name popped up a bunch (which isn't surprising because I write a lot for Stampede Blue). So he read a lot of my stuff and liked it and sent me an email requesting to talk to me about this current gig.

So he gave me the whole spiel about how this new network is taking off and he liked my stuff and thought I'd be great for the site. He went into detail about how this blog network is working in cooperation with Fox Sports. I'll just quote him so I don't have to type this out:

2) Fanball wants their own network, but we are getting an "audition" with Fox Sports. They are featuring our blogs in three of their major markets (Pittsburgh, Denver, Seattle), and if that goes well, we will expand. Fanball wants their own network with one unique site for each of the teams in the four major sports. The Fox deal has us adding MLS and NCAA DivIA teams.

And that's basically it. I liked what I saw and heard from his mouth, so I went for it. Talk about a huge opportunity. Going from some dude writing about the Colts a few times a week for fun to doing this is a "job."


So yeah, the main reason for posting this was to let you all know. The second reason is because I need some of your help.

The site itself is still in build-mode. There's no domain for it yet, hell there isn't even a name. They want the blog to have it's own domain, and in order to get its own domain, I need an actual name for the blog. It's up to me to figure it out, but I figured I'd give you guys a shot to help me out if you wanted.

The site is primarily dedicated to the Colts, but I'll be covering just about everything pertaining to the NFL because it's interesting. If you can thing of a cool and catchy name for the site, post 'em here.


edit: To all the assholes who complain about how "all I ever do is talk about sports," you can eat my ass. All I do is talk about sports, and look where it got me. bitches :lol:
Congrats man.

FYI - contribute to the thread properly or stay out, else be banned for trolling.

FYI King, this is a public space, and domains are easy to register, I would suggest you take names via PM.
That's awesome Rich. If you ever need the inside scoop on how big of a traitor Brett Favre is and want someone to stir up shit, let me know.
I can't believe he would be betray us like that though. It's his fault he got released by the Packers anyway and he knows it.