Hi. I'm new here and am currently trying to expand my taste in metal.

Well I couldn't resist...

And don't be stupid about that site, if you don't know what Satanism is, why don't you have a look, it won't bite. Then you can judge it.

And to make some real suggestions:

Dark Tranquillity (see Ormir's post)
Carcass (early stuff might be a bit much, try "Heartwork")
OH NO!! HOLY SHIT!!! It's ol' Splitfoot himself!!!

It looks like he's contemplating nibbling off your big toe!!
You say you don't want to be "brainwashed" but it sound as if you have already fallen prey to that. Whether or not you claim to be a x-tian it's obvious you're a victim of christian filth. (i.e.. being very close minded about a particular subject and having paranoid delusions about said subject).
The man suggested that you go to the site and see for yourself but, alas, the big bad boogeyman is there to creep into innocent minds. X-tians are typically like frightened children in the dark. I'm not even a Satanist, I follow the old Nordic ways but Dr. Lavey had some damn good points. But don't take my word..see for yourself. Or do you really value your big toe that much? :lol:
Terminus Est: Go read the fucking site already. It's a WEBSITE. If you don't like what you're reading, don't read anymore. But how can you put together any sort of intelligent thought process if you don't even know what you're talking about? :confused:
I cannot believe people are scraping over Satanism. Hey it's a 'religion' and like all religions has been torn apart by men's interpretation of it. I'm not into Satanism either, being a pagan, but to each his own. But if the lyrics bother you, then that's cool.

Okay, you seem to have been like me. Here's how I went and this was words from the metal@metal listserve.

Anathema - you know this one already
Deadhorse - older death music
Pentagram - Doom
Acid Bath - I have no idea how their lyrics may be offensive but....
Cable - loud noise rock with gutteral vocals
Totimoshi - an underground band with a very eclectic sound
Oceans of Sdaness - lyrically superior, excellent musicians, and a cross between metal/deathand black with tons of melodic parts.
My Dying Bride - if you like Gothic doom styles

If lyrical content bothers you thewn go for some bands that don't deal with Satanic lyrics - that means no black metal for you! Try Grand Magnus, Sunride, Cathedral (they are NOT doom - they had one album that was doom), Slow Horse, Trouble (good luck finding that), Witchfinder General, Angel Witch. I think we've all pretty much provided a good starting point.
Originally posted by Stoner Rock Chick
Cathedral (they are NOT doom - they had one album that was doom),

Not counting the 70s stuff or EPs:
Forest of Equilibrium + Endtyme = 2 doom albums...

Trouble (good luck finding that)

I've had some luck finding Trouble albums on the 'net. A little scarce, but well worth the search. Good recommendation.
Well... if you're into non-satanic...

Emperor, Mayhem, Darkthrone, Taake, Deicide, At the Gates, Dissection, Luciferion... thats a good start.

I can honestly tell you that you won't find a scrap of satanic propaganda in any of this...*

* true. this will actually be because you won't be able to understand the lyrics, but it amounts to the same thing.
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LOL. so true. I can never understand the lyrics!

Trouble is so hard to find. St.Vitus, what did you use to find Trouble?

I bought "The Skull" many years ago, I don't remember where I got it. But you can find that + "Plastic Green Head", "Run to the Light" and "Psalm 9" at amazon.com.