How far does your taste branch out within the realms of metal?

Manic Ferocity

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Nov 5, 2006
Though I do prefer metal in it's most un-tainted original form, I do enjoy stoner doom, sludge, and some experimental math stuff that some may consider metalcore like Converge and Starkweather. I know some of you hold biases against sludge, drone, stoner, and especially metalcore but I just thought it would be interesting to get others' opinion on this.
You can laugh at it all you want, but even you know there's truth in those words.
I just think that it is a hilarious thing to say and sounds retarded. I'm sure it could be worded in a way that didn't sound so condescending, not to mention unintentionally funny.
Anyway, I enjoy at least something from every style of metal, new and old, classic and modern, "good" and "bad". I listen to whatever the hell I want, and listen to it whenever I want. Sometimes I'll be in a black metal mood, sometimes in a power metal mood (the early incarnations or the modern Euro-flower stuff), sometimes in a classic thrash mood or in a modern "futuristic"/groove/etc. metal mood. I realize my taste could be considered unfocused or whatever but don't really care.
I like 2nd wave black metal for the most part. I have my favorites in modern and classic death metal (both American and European), but I've left out this huge decade-long gap between the classics and what has been notable in the last five years that I feel I need to explore. Not big on anything traditional in respects to heavy metal, power metal, or doom metal, though I do like funeral doom and death/doom. I had this folk metal phase, but only listen to a handful of those bands anymore, none of the giddy jump-up-and-down accordion-based stuff. I also had an industrial metal phase with similar results.
I'm pretty goddamn all over the place. I actually think this sometimes hinders me because I don't have a very specific knowledge of one or two subgenres; instead it's all spread out very thin