Martin Lopez

And what do I have to do with that? I only say I readed there.
If you have the truth you are welcome to tell it.

Well you presented it as FACTS, not as a quote from an interview, there's a difference. And no, I've only heard gossip that I won't post here since it's just gossip and can't be verified.
especially when he starts playing 16th notes with a single bass drum at 260 bpm. WOW!

: O
: O
: O

Holy shit. Woah.

Ultimately, though, complex rhythms at any speed>>>> simple rhythms played fast. Anyone can play fast, but doing the really complex rhythms takes true talent.
yeah that's true Martin Lopez a true drummer coz he added his experience in opeth songs and the complexity of his play always in mind, i always play the last part of Deliverance with my mouth, really genious!!!
No offence to Martin, he is a very good drummer, but I prefer Axe. He's a bit more fluid, to use that term. And his speed bursts-man!:kickass: I think it's a good thing that Lopez left, because he didn't look like he was that happy being in Opeth.
The mysterium is solved!! now we all know what he really has been doing since he left Opeth.