Well I like all of the Big Five from the 80s and my favourite band out of them all is Metallica. I liked their lyrics and music more than the others, but I still like the other bands too. I don't think Metallica soldout, I don't think any of those bands soldout. Those bands contributed a lot to metal, so I support all of them.

And as for xenophobe, you can say what you want, but I'm not gonna keep arguing with you.
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Ok I don't care what anyone says METALLICA IS THE BEST METAL BAND IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For those who hate them for Napster, go record an album and see if it doesn't end up the internet before the release date. And for those who hate them for changing their sound FUCK YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!! Ok I'll admit, that I don't like a lot of the Load and Reload songs, but they have the right to do what they please with their music. They didn't use anyone for anything. They do what they wanna do. Look at Ozzy Osbourne, he was in Black Sabbath, the very FIRST metal band. Listen to his albums and tell me how come he doesn't have the same sound he did in the 70s. He worked with Dave Grohl on his Down to Earth album. Don't get me wrong, I praise Ozzy for the music that he gave us. And if you think about it the other bands that started with Metallica aren' t the same either. Megadeth, another band that I love, their sound totally changed from the 80s after Countdown to Extinction. What about Slayer? Here's a band that everyone still praises, and they sound nothing like they did in the 80s either. Now they kind of picked up the sound of Machinehead and Panterrible. So all you Metallica haters, go suck a cows utters, because if you hate Metallica, than you're not a TRUE metalhead!!!!!!!!

IGNORANCE is rampant in this paragraph. :rolleyes: