Jul 17, 2001
I was just wondering if any of you are Nile fans, cause I want to buy some of their CDs and I would like to get some recomendations. Thanks..
Nile is an amazing grind-death metal band. To me they are the most brutal band in the metal scene, yet one of the most skilled in song writing. A lot of bands are "brutal" because they tune down, or play fast, but can't write a song to save their ass. Nile are quite technical and have a unique approach to song writing. The songs are accessible, but never token, every part having something of a signature feel. My favorite album is Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka. The first time I heard it I was floored. It was so heavy and fast, but technical and extremely tight. The next release, Black Seeds of Vengence, is also good. It has some more variety in feel, with some slower ultra-doomy parts mixed in. Either way you can't go wrong. If you like heavy death metal, get this album. They and Cryptopsy have redefined brutal death metal.
The reason I asked was because I saw them in concert with Cradle of Filth and I was blown away... Unlike some other bands that play just as fast, Nile still incorporates some melody into their songs, and I really liked that... Both their guitarists and the bass player sing, which I found very interesting, since they all growl in a different way....Anyway I'm probably going to buy both CDs as soon as I get some money. Thank you for your help.
I´ve got their latest "Black Seeds..." and it´s one of my favorite death metal albums. The titel song is incredible, probably the best death metal song I`ve ever heard.
Nile are good, but i prefer Cryptopsy in the genre of 'lets do 3000mph riffs and blast beat drumming'. They just have a better drummer, which is btw one of the best of the whole metal scene today, and they did one of the best death metal album ever, namely None So Vile.
i love nile so much because its ..... well lets take like... every grindcore and brutal death band.... and make them really tight instead of sloppy... there you have nile!!! .... absolutely ridiculous tightness... its brutal but yet its not brutal... its so awesome
Nile is fuckin awesome. I love that band. they were so good when i saw them with cradle of filth, who sucked totaly bloody vampire shit. the dumbest lamest band i've ever seen. and dani has a bit of an attitude on stage which i found annoying. anyway. nile rules.

as fas as cryptopy, i love them, but dont think they are really in the same area as nile. nile are more 'straightforward' in that technical death metal sort of way while cryptopsy are just crazy and weird and even funny sometimes. flo is one of better drummers out there....but are you aware that derek roddy, ex malevolent creation, divine empire, current hate eternal and some other stuff, played the drums on the new nile? that guy is one of the best drummers out there. way better than pete (old nile) and nile has tony(can't remember last name and he is ex-anglecorpse) on drums for touring....he is a bad ass..he is so fast and tight. goddamn. what a band. and the vox rule.