opeth the only death metal band some of you listen too?

soundave said:
Oh...I had always categorized them with DEP. My experience w/ them is Lucid Interval. I get what you're saying about the grindcore thing, but they have a bit of the "musical ADD" that DEP have.... Feel free to correct me on this if you think I'm off base.

Yea...put that way the connection makes more sense...but Cephalic Carnage do have some slight death metal tendencies, especially on Anomalies, and are essentially a grindcore band which DEP are not...but they both definitely have the, as you put it, "musical ADD" thing going on and are similar in that way.
Children of Bodom (sometimes)
Old Katatonia
Dan Swano

I listen to any respectable DM, which, BTW, is rare.
calling CoB respectable DM might get you in a lot of bother, but I like them whatever people say! And Katatonia of course!
vampyrouss said:
calling CoB respectable DM might get you in a lot of bother, but I like them whatever people say! And Katatonia of course!

I know, thats why I put sometimes. They're only semi-respectable.
I think of Opeth as Progressive in preference to Death. But if you call them death, no they're not the only death band i listen to.. and no i can't be arsed listing them :)
does anyone know if the gigs opeth are playing in melbourne are going to be under-age? or at least one of them??:headbang:
Amon Amarth
Arch Enemy
Hate Eternal

Plus many more, a few there are melodic death but whatever :p
Orphaned Land is my favourite band! Their music is inspired by the peace and they use oriental traditional instruments with a great death metal !

Hantaoma, a french band (Occitan folk metal) a bit strange but very interresting!

etc ....
the only death band?? good lord, i hope they're not for anybody! if someone enjoys opeth's heavier material, there's a whole world of other great music around they'll get into!

for me? some would be morbid angel, zyklon, myrkskog, deicide, vital remains, nile, cryogenic, abortus... myeh, that'll do. my point is made.
I kinda see Opeth as extreme progressive metal - cos Opeth's different from melodic death metal. melodic dm genre makes me think of at the gates and early In Flames and Dark Tranquility.

DM stuff I listen to: death, carcass (later stuff more dm), bloodbath, morpheus descends, decapitated, bolt thrower, nile - recently started getting into Old Man's Child aswell.

listen to mostly dm/bm and other *random* metal - nt NWOBM or power :yuk:

Opeth's amazing tho - who cares what genre it is?