The future of Metal


Mar 25, 2003
What direction(s) do you see Metal going in?
Prog has implemented Classical construction and style (especially Baroque). Bands like Meshuggah have implemented Jazz-like layering of multiple time signatures. Another band, In Extremo, fuses Metal with traditional Celtic, including the use of bagpipes.
Metal has really branched out over the years, implementing keyboards, voilins, cellos, various tribal and classical persussion instruments, and a slew of others I'm sure I'm leaving out. I don't know of any Metal bands using brass yet, but I'm sure it's coming (I wonder what a metal sax player would sound like?).

So what do you think? Where is Metal going?
Sax in metal? Been there, done that. Listen to the new Ephel Duath, Maudlin of the Well, or Yakuza. I don't know if they use sax or not, but they definitely use brass. Oh yeah, the new Solefald has some sax in it.
LuminousAether said:
Sax in metal? Been there, done that. Listen to the new Ephel Duath, Maudlin of the Well, or Yakuza. I don't know if they use sax or not, but they definitely use brass. Oh yeah, the new Solefald has some sax in it.

And also SEAR BLISS from Hungary use Sax. Quite cool band.
There is still different places to go. The Southern Rock fusion has been explored by a few bands like Raging Slab, but it hasn't been done well yet by a band I have heard. Metal evolved from Rock which eveolved from Blues and there are a great deal of blues-based rock bands and many blues based metal bands, but no one has fused Southern Rock and metal and made it sound really right for me.

i think that all evolutions are good to metal...

but not the prog one.....

to me prog metal is a curse....

What more can metal do? A musical style can only splice itself with a finite number of other styles, so what happens when they run out? Does metal die? Does metal become generically unoriginal and boring? I just don't understand what's going to happen!!!!!

Avante garde is a stupid term as well, it practically renders itself obsolete.
listen to Biomechanical from England ..
this is the future of metal
in general ..the black metal bands will become as gay as possible, adding many many keyboards and female vocals to sell many many albums..
the power metal bands from europe will become even more cheesy
the power metal bands from usa will become even better , more technical and of big quality..
the prog metal bands will stop copying dream theater and try to be innovative..
the only thing that remains pure is doom metal YEAH!
It's gonna get heavier and more brutal, this always happens. In the 70s you only had those traditional metal bands, in the 80s thrash became popular, and in the 90s black and death metal became popular. Each decade came up with heavier metal than the previous one. No doubt that new, heavier styles will develop in the future.
Cool. I've heard what sounded like sax in some metal, but wasn't sure if it was the real thing or synth. Sometimes it's hard to tell.

I'm actually hoping to see more goth/metal hybrids. Sure, alot of bands are doing this, but very few do it well, imho.
Virgin Black, My Dying Bride, and Paradise Lost are probably my three faves.
More prog elements fused with goth would be great.
Damn good thread Lyckanthrope.

I think the recent moderate success of Meshuggah, and Opeth- prove that extreme and truly progressive metal has an audience.

Yet, I think the level of success Meshuggah and Opeth attained is maybe the ceiling for truly progressive metal. Only so many people will buy music that challenges them- or challenges the musical genre they love ( this seems to especially apply to metal fans).

Truthfully, I think ignorance is the greatest problem for the future of metal. With a fan based that is centered on young males, quality and progressiveness in the metal genre will most likely rarely rise from the depths of the underground. These are fans that will only listen to the local radio station- or what MTV has on- or what their metal friends say they should listen to. The great majoirty of metal fans have no interest combing stores and the internet, to find new interesting bands- or even trying bands from different metal genres.

Still though- just 7 or 8 years ago there were few really progressive metal bands( or bands drawing from a variety of musical influences) Now, there are quite a number of progressive bands- trying new ideas and influences.
digitaldemon62 said:
what if there was a rap beats with screaming vocals...

it would be some crazy stuff

The band Potent Minds actually does this, and it's really good. They are a progressive mix of most types of music. My brother discovered them when he met their guitarist wearing an In Flames shirt at school.

I think some Metal will continue to become more abstract and unusual, and some more traditional basnds will bring more excellent metal to the scene. Two of my favorites for the great future of metal are Enter Chaos and Detonation, but there are plenty of other great young bands out there.

I don't see metal going downhill. Some older bands will break up or go downhill, some will change a lot and be accused of selling out *cough*InFlames*cough* while still being a great band. Other older bands will continue to be renowned as excellent with few people who object.

i think it depends on where you are. As you can see, the American music seems to be mutating into some kind of shit... for a few examples: all mtv music and yakuza (yeah, i hate yakuza)... But in the other hand, the american music seems to be more powerfull, fast and "gutural" (noy in the voices)

The european music tends to get more melodic and clasical.

The new world (continent) seems to be ruled by Jazz and the old world seems to be ruled by Classical music
A shame? Hell no. Metal is just transforming like it needs to, because stagnation is death. Listen to your old metal albums if you want to hear that style, because newer bands need to forge new ground and make new innovations, otherwise it is all for nothing.