The future of Metal

Don't know and don't care. There's a great variety of good metal out there right now and whether it's the new big fresh thing, or another Running Wild album put out 10 years from now, if it's good, I will listen to it, so whatever. We don't want to get caught up in excluding different kinds of metal and being obsessed with only the future or only the past, good songs are good songs, besides it's a bit erronous to infer metal as a "whole" is going in one specific direction..
i personally think that metal's future will be more diverse than it is and from the direction of how things are looking, the brutality and melody, the simplicity and the complex, will be intermingled in a manner that at the present time is only at its core beginning, but in due time, will become a hybrid of epical proportions.
I believe that many new bands are going to be melding different styles into there music. Into Eternity is a good example of this. Hints of death with speed and progressive elements and yet songs are only about 4 mins long. Impressive stuff.
Ram-Zet would be another band which can be hard to put into a genre. Anyone who has heard them will know what I am talking about.