The most overrated metal bands.


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Dec 15, 2003
What metal bands in your opinion sound awful ?. This thread is not intented for argument though it may seem that way.

Note* try leaving out stereotypical same old answers.

I'll start.....

Hypocrisy: just awful
Amon Amarth: Gimmicky and tedious.
Decapitated: plastic,clicky,copy & paste death metal. Clinical production,structures in a mainstream pop,rap way. Decapitated might aswell get a drum machine. This band sounds more like a product of machine/technology than humans playing instruments loosing the essence of a band. As cheap as a commercial add imo.

I notice a lot of bands get more crap than they deserve but rarely see these bands get bad mouthed when they should. Say tons of horrible underground metal bands did not exist, these three bands would be the worst in 'metal' imo. The thing all these bands have in commen would be pushing the bounderies of how horrible digital production can sound.

I feel this needed to be said. I'm curious to see other peoples choices also.
I agree to an extent with your point on Decapitated, but Winds of Creation sounds pretty natural. Anyway, perhaps machine-like was the idea they were going for from the outset? But I do prefer their early sound anyway.

Can't think of any more at the moment, except the obvious "stereotype answer" ones that I'm sure will be mentioned.
By Amon Amarth, if you mean their newer shit, then yeah, id agree. But Once sent from the golden hall is an absolute clasic IMHO.
I can't realy think of too many bands that are WAY overrated, but that whole New Wave Black Metal thing fro a couple years ago was completely overrated as a whole, i didnt realy see what the fuss was about, in fact, many of the older BM shite going around is a bit too overrated, it might not be if it wasn't as badly recorded.
Necrophagist: See Decapitated, but disregard the drum machine part because there already is one.
Psycroptic: Personal preference, I just think their music is one dimensional.

May come back with more!
I forgot about Mithras who could not be anymore generic and unoriginal. Lets recycled Morbid Angel's harmonic riffs with crappy production!
How is Hypocrisy's "The 4th Dimension" considered digital production? That album is pure death metal through and through.

Yeah, latter Amon Amarth is pretty generic, but like someone said, Once Sent is amazing as is Sorrow THroughout.

And Isis isn't metal.

Anyway, the answer to the thread is Slayer.
I honestly want to know what albums from Hypocrisy, The Chasm, Primordial, Amon Amarth these people have heard. ANd no, downloads don't count.