When does life begin?

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in The-Bible-Belt area of America, the average girl has her first menstrual cycle younger that anywhere else on earth, it has to do with the hormones in the local food, i've personnally met several women that started mensturating within a couple months of their 7th birthday, and i still stand by my original assesment, if an 8-year-old gets impregnated, if the child is the product of a forceful rape, if the child's parents are brother-and-sister, in these cases, an abotion should be mandatory

i really am speaking from experience
i don't wanna reveal too much about my personnal life
but i interact with a lot of pregnant women
and i've personnally met the 9-year-olds that got impregnated by pedophiles, the women who got impregnated from a forcefull rape, the women who got impregnated from brother-sister incest, i've met those women, both the ones that got abortions and also the children of those who didn't, when the women get abotions, i feel the same relief they feel, and when i have to interact with the infants that are the product of a 9-year-old getting impregnated by a pedophile, the infants that are the product of forceful rapes and brother-sister-incest, when i interact with these infants, it makes my skin crawl, my stomach churn, because these children shouldn't exist

i still believe in the idea of mandatoy abortions
Abortion should not be an issue because it’s people choices that we can talk about. given that there are people who struggle with making bad decisions over here.
From a scientific standpoint life begins at conception. Although I'm personally against abortion I don't feel that it's my place as a man to tell women what to do with their bodies and I don't feel that the life of a tiny fetus(that could not survive on it's own if removed - you can't even feed it) trumps the decision of a woman who feels she is unable to raise a child. That being said I also don't feel abortion should be used as a form of birth control. But again ultimately it's the woman's decision and not mine (or any man's). It should be between a woman and her doctor (and partner if he's available).
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This is a equal rights issue and a baby has the same exact rights as an adult. Abortion is selfish
That's not even true because autonomy and consent is a non-factor with children. I can lock my kid in my house against their will, I can't do that to an adult.
I said "likely" because I didn't mean all of the rights all the time. Just referring to decisions made in favour of children to protect them. If lots and lots of children are bringing legal action against their parents, I'll edit my post to use a different word, lol.
Well, more different pieces of legislation given they're under the general ones in some way too. Point is it's not exactly the same, and it was a good setup for arriving at Every Sperm Is Sacred. :tickled:
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