Who do you think is the Most Skilled Drummer???

The first 2 are waayyy up there for me.
Jason Rullo - Symphony X
Brann Dailor - Mastodon
Mike Portnoy - Dream Theater
Danny Carey - Tool
Thomas Haake - Meshuggah
Hellhammer - Winds, Mayhem etc.
Spag - Mudvayne
personnally i like adrian erlandsson - cradle of filth/at the gates/the haunted even though i know he's not the best but i do enjoy his playing.

Lars sucks but i do like his playing on a couple of the songs on ...and justice. the ones where he isn't going boom tish boom tish boom tish at a moderately slow pace the whole way through.

Also i think martin lopez is very very good... on deliverance particularly.

Nick barker did good work with cof and his drumming on the new omc i think is cool.....

Also i think that van williams is awesome...love his drumming especially on the track no more will that drumming is cool.

but i don't play drums so i'm no authority, so these aren't necissarily the best but the ones that i like.
NEIL PEART ... hands down the most amazing drummer out there.

DAVE LOMBARDO ... for having a style that is som easily recognizable and vital to Slayers sound

Vitek from DECAPITATED ... a fucking precision machine

and I always had a soft spot for PETE SANDOVAL, definetelly the hardest working and probably the "oldest" drummer out there, playing the fast material he does
Mike Portnoy by far its ONE of the best Drumers i have ever heard. You shuld also give some credit to the ex-Fear Factory Drummer...
Whats the name of the drumer on nevermore???? he is amazing and he has a great technique
Mike portnoy i think is best allround. Hellhammer is the fastest(i heard it was documented to that he was the worlds fastest, could I be wrong?) and Vinnie Paul is my favorite, he style is so cool and unique and creative.
David Husvik - They guy from EXTOL - brilliant!
Mike Portnoy - do I need to make an argument?
Neil Peart - Why not?
Ted Kirkpatrick - from Tourniquet.. I think someone mentioned him already.

Honorable Mention:
Rick Allen - Come on, just admit it - the man makes millions doing it with one arm and the most unique set. He's on my list for being able to drum successfully and overcome quite a handicap, if nothing else.
misfit said:
Ringo Starr from The Beatles :tickled:

nah, wouldnt have a clue, there are heaps and heaps of good drummers out there.

I agree with Nick Menza, Mike Portnoy etc etc.

Ringo ? Doh !! I like Mick Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac) though. He was never a technical wizard, but stylistically, he was pretty brilliant. If you listen to "Go Your Own Way" and "And Justice for All" you can hear more than a slight resemblance in the two. Not to say Lars ripped him off blindly as there are only so many cool sounding riffs available with a drumset, but I thought despite playing in the shadows of two R&R legends like Buckingham and Nicks, his work behind the kit was the driving force behind that band.
Of course, if I exclude pure "skill" and go with a mix of style and skill, Kirk Arrington of Metal Church (especially "Blessing in Disguise") is my top drummer. He was the first drummer that made me say to myself "man listen to that shit !!" He gets a sentimental reunner-up for me but sentiments or not, he is a pretty bad-ass technician, especially his time skipping ride work.

i don't know why everybody says that portnoy is the best drummer...

of course he has technique ...but he have no dynamic control

sometimes he seem a raw version of neil peart...

i think gene hoglan is way better in matter of dynamic and precision(in the field of metal i mean)....

QUOTE=LordFireworm]Anyway, I'll change my vote to the guy from Agoraphobic Nosebleed.[/QUOTE]

Hey man, you voted for the Agor. Nos. drum machine, :lol:

Anyway. i would choose the drummers from (i usually forget names)

Dream Theater (Though i don't like them)
The Crown
Amon Amarth
My Dying Bride
plus Nicko McBrain + Dave Lombardo + Philip Laureano
mm yeah, some other good ones ive noticed pop up .. just going to prove my point - there are heaps of mad drummers.

*vinnie paul - has been very influential
*igor cavalera - mad drum work on all sepultura albums
*raymond herrera - replica!! (of fear factory)
*dave lombardo - how could i forget !!
does it have to be metal drummers? there are lots of people who make Portnoy and Haake look like mildly retarded kindergarteners banging on kettels. ..well, pretty much, anyway.
I didn't think about Shannon Larkin from Wrathchild America. When someone mentioned Vinnie Paul I thought of Larkin as I caught them on tour with Pantera. Talk about two monster thrash drummers. Great show that was and two great drummers.