Who do you think is the Most Skilled Drummer???

Proscriptor is an excellent fast drummer. I love his stuff - some excellent snare syncopation etc BUT not even close to the drummers I mentioned.

Board - he was doing accented 16ths with his feet when I saw him and I was pretty impressed - it must have been close to 190 - 200 bpm (obviously not Sandoval speed) but when he added the hi hat off the beat then I just fainted!

Me say: This is double bass technique!!! ---

Board said:
Lars Ulrich: I'm ashamed that such a crappy Danish drummer could be considered to be one of the worlds best
i never said lars was the best. i said he sucked as a matter of fact. just that i liked some of his drumming on and justice for all... is that ok? i didn't say it was good just that i liked it. which i thought was the best evaluation on drummers i could make seeing as i don't play drums (though i do know enough to say lars isn't by a long shot one of the best. boom tish boom tish anyone??)
If you want to know what parts i liked: i like some of the drums on harvester of sorry at the start, some of the drums on blackened, the frayed ends of sanity and dyers eve too...... i'd say all easy as piss to play but i think it sounds good.
Board said:
I saw a video where he did something like that, but the double bass stuff didn't sound superfast, so I thought he might be using only a single bass drum pedal and then just play super, super fast! o_O

Yeah, I've seen him do that.. You sit there thinking "ok, that's pretty fast double bass but not the best I've heard" then he starts using his other foot on the hihat :lol:

You should get the buddy rich memorial concert video, that has a very nice solo on from him :)
Trym Torson (Emperor, Zyklon)
Frost (Satyricon, 1349)
Nick Barker (Dimmu Borgir)
Hellhammer (Mayhem and a lot of other bands)
Tjodalv (Susperia)
Fenriz (Darkthrone)
Asgeir Mickelson (Borknagar)
Horgh (Immortal)
Vitek (Decapitated)

.. and the Nile drummer, whose name I don't remember. I'm not claiming that these drummers are the world's best or anything, but I love their styles of drumming.
Wicked Child said:
Mike Portnoy
Mark Zonder

mark zonder blow portnoy away....

much more original i think.....

i forgot the most intricated drummer of all:

rick colaluca(watchtower)

neil peart said that when they recorded presto in 1988 watchtower in the meantime recorded control and resistance...so neil see rick playing and don't know a single thing that he does.....