Why are you a metalhead?


Feb 21, 2008
Waterford, MI
- One of the only genres of modern music that has not been tainted by mainstream appeal (excluding hair/glam metal)
- Healthy, natural expression of actual human emotion in its most
pure, most primal of forms.
- Beautiful statement of TRUE free speech and social critique.
- Artistic diversity (black, death, progressive, doom etc.)
- States the socially taboo with a smile and crosses all visible boundaries that no other genre truly can
- Community. Although the mass media portrays the "average" metalhead as a loud, ignorant piece of filth, most metal enthusiasts I have met were intelligent, articulate people who were not afraid to show who they truly are

Why are all of you metalheads?
Because i enjoy listening to the harder sound than rock/other stuff...Not to simply bang my head or w/e all the freaking time and think that I'm cooler than anyone else.
Metal kicks my ass musically. I never gave two shits or piss about the instrumental aspect until I started listening to metal -- I was all about the lyrics and vocals. Instrumentation was still important to me, but only so far as it played a role for the vocals and lyrics. To me there's no other music that comes anywhere near being as good as metal from strictly an instrumentation standpoint.

I mean, there's a lot that I like about the culture, the outcast ideology, the stark rejection of the pop style, dedicated community. But love for the musical form is the real reason why I listen to metal. I'm probably more in line with the metal culture than I am with any other culture. But I identify as a loner more than anything else, and I don't think you can really have a community of loners.
Because I'm a fan of the music. Also, some of the ideologies.

Not because i want to be like BEER AND HEADBANG YEEEEAH, the majority of metalheads I've encountered in real life have been fuckwits. Why are all the intelligent ones hidden away on the web?