Goals as a Metalhead


Tyrants and Slaves
Jan 18, 2006
Maine or Iowa
Obviously an integral goal of listening to metal is to achieve the satisfaction of, well, listening to it. But I sense that some people have other incentives for listening to metal, including certain goals to strive for in exploring the infinite realm of metal and all of its genres. Many people have a goal to become an expert in a certain genre, while others want to be able to grasp metal's full boundaries, encompassing all genres to become the ultimate metal guru.

Personally, one of my main goals in listening to/exploring metal is to become the ultimate Symphonic Black Metal expert. This being my favorite sub-genre, I want to eventually be knowledgeable of all the bands, over and underground, that this genre has to offer, and to develop good skills so as to be the perfect guide for introducing others to new/unknown bands in this genre. When people want symphonic BM recommendations, I want to be the first person they come to and depend on.

I know I still have months and years ahead of me before I can at least satisfactorily accomplish this goal, and this striving has given fire to my passion for listening to metal, and not just symphonic black metal, but all black metal and metal in general.

I've stated my goal. Tell us about your goals as a metalhead, if any, and why these goals are important to you. If you have no goal other than just enjoying the music, that is great, too, because that is the most important part of being a true metalhead.
Interesting thread. I guess I'd say my goal is to eventually explore each genre for all it has to offer. Right now I'm working on old school death metal.
I personally want to become a Black Metal expert, but it's not very easy: Black Metal is such a vast genre... There are thousands and thousands of bands, and many of their albums aren't any more available. So, I think that a person who hasn't seen the Black Metal scene being born and growing, would never have a complete culture about it.
Black Metal band, Death Metal band.. Heavy Metal band?

It depends. I think black metal would be very interesting with some female vocals -- a la Wolves in the Throne Room. Female vocals of the haunting type. I think it would be nice to do doom and gothic vocals as well.
It depends. I think black metal would be very interesting with some female vocals -- a la Wolves in the Throne Room. Female vocals of the haunting type. I think it would be nice to do doom and gothic vocals as well.

You could try black metal growls. It works for Darkestrah.
My goal is to sing in a metal band. Woohoo.

Nice. My goel is to play guitar in a metal band or band as a fan of metal music. I just get much more enjoyment coming up with my own riffs and songs than listening to other peoples music a lot of times. I will always listen to music I enjoy and that inspires me. I still do not want to spend my entire life just listening to other peoples music and not doing anything myself. Listening to metal music is more about using it as a tool to help me learn guitar and inspire me than just looking into it.
I guess I could cite being in a metal band as one of my goals, but that's kind of independent from why I listen to the music. The main 'goal' behind my interest in metal, I'd say, is spiritual growth/inspiration. Metal is, to me, the most passionate, majestic, terrifying, and awe-inspiring kind of music on earth, so I find it to be the genre closest to my spiritual mind (though classical is also up there in that respect).

Other kinds of music I listen to just for entertainment or relaxation (and hence more often than metal) -- but metal I often listen to with some sense of purpose or emotional readiness. Whether that sense of purpose is misguided or not, I can't say; but every now and then I do get a meditative vibe from it.

If I ever decide to take up some corny new age spiritual practice, I'd probably try playing metal during my rituals. Maybe even chanting in death grunts. ;)
The closest thing you could consider a 'goal' for me would be to know and understand where the music that I love so much came from. I also have an interest in teaching others what I've learned, namely to those who have a similar interest. I probably would be a frequent reviewer, but there are certain qualities that I lack, namely a proper understanding of music theory and technique, that I would feel would prevent me from properly analyzing a piece of music. I want to approach music the same way that I do literature, that is academically analyzing the techniques used by the author, both overtly and subtly, to convey messages to the listener. Ironically, I pay very minimal attention to bands' lyrics considering that I'm a prospective English major. I guess the immaturity of most Metal lyrics puts me off.
Short and sweet, my ultimate goal is to contribute by recording a solo album, or at least a demo or two.
My goal would be to learn as much as I can about progressive death metal cause it's my favourite metal sub-genre. Also to obtain all albums from my favourite bands which will take a long time considering the small variety in the local cd stores.
I wouldn't necessarily say I have any goals. However, by downloading I feel I am exploring the music world and finding bands that I may not have ever listened to or ever heard of. So finding those 'unknown' bands that I know I would appreciate may be one. There are so many bands I've found especially in the past couple years that I can't live without now.

I have a firm grasp on black metal, but quite often I do need to take a break from the genre. I listened to a hefty amount of black metal albums from 2006 could have easily compiled a top 50 list...but I'm never good with determining rankings between say album #26 or #27 etc.

However, I wouldn't mind being a reviewer - the only problem is that I am hardly motivated to do so, and I don't have the 'natural' ability to write a review on the spot. Not that everyone does that, its just a quality that I wish I had - I could write a review, but it may take a couple days at least.