Goals as a Metalhead

Nice topic Zeph, I guess I just want to amass a completely comprehensive doom metal/gothic metal music library.

I also want to get good enough at my bass to brag about it and find a use for my blues/brass training in metal.
What else do I want to do.... Hmmmm.

I want to become the ultimate female of metal. Knowledge wise.
My goel as a metalhead is to be in a commercial rock band and have one hit song that never goes away. I want something like a coffee place in my kitchen with hot coffee always ready.
I want to become more knowlegdeable about black metal and death metal bands that are obsucre. I would also like to get into brutal death metal, I heard a song by Broken Hope, Devourment, and Deeds of Flesh on XM and I liked them.
I want to do vocals in a death metal band that plays live and records stuff regularly, I play guitar too but if it came down to it I'd choose doing vocals.
I have a few goals that I try to obtain through metal:

1. Increase my knowledge of music's technical aspects, learn all the terms and be able to recognize certain keys, chords, techniques, etc. by ear.

2. Explore some of the esoteric topics that metal exposes me to.

3. Find inspiration for future songwriting/composition if I ever decide to be in a metal (or even non-metal) band.

Other than that, I use it mostly to influence my mood and enjoy the goddamn tunes. :kickass:
I've been a metal head for so long, I can't even remember my original motives. Probably social acceptance...

As for now, I suppose I just listen to metal 'cause it's all I know, and no other music appeals to me that i don't already know. In other words, I believe I have achieved all i set out to achieve, and I am enjoying the contentment.
To find bands that I don't know of, but will like.
Finding fave bands is always hard.

Also I want to delve into more death metal and learn from their drummers.
I rate myself pretty good on drums for regular metal and most other genres, but if I start taking advice and techniques from the greats like Derek Roddy and co. I feel when I go back to less heavy genres I'll have not a single problem coming to playing them.

Ultimate goal - Be in a successful Thrash metal band.
I'd like to be in a steady band that's releasing albums and playing shows. I feel like that can happen within another year or two.

I'd also like to write reviews regularly and maybe write for a magazine. My motivation to write is very low, which is problematic, and I always think everything I write sucks. I get to be way too much of a perfectionist about it.
- To be the sexiest man alive, by looking female.
- To keep the 80's alive!

ugh.... :bah: The 80's died with the mullet.

Ummm...my goal is to just listen to a large number of metal bands. To search this vast melting pot for true gems. Just recently I downloaded some Insomnium and it's really fantastic stuff. Im glad I found them. Im not picky when it comes to metal, my taste range from a band as obscure as Ebony Tears to as popular as Killswitch Engage. My other goal is to maybe (just maybe) find a band that will topple Agalloch and take that #1 spot, but that might never happen. Going on strong for almost 3 years, Agalloch is KING!!!!

Another goal would to be a singer in a metal band. Melodic Death Preferred.