Your favourite BANDS over the years?

Over the years a select few bands have ever held the position of my favourite band. Looking back, sometimes it can be hard to distinguish one particular band that was my favourite, and other times it was crystal clear who stood above the rest in my mind.

Who have been your favourite bands over the years? If possible, put them in chronological order, starting with the FIRST band that was your favourite, all the way up to the band you consider to be your favourite band right NOW! :)
Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones, The Doors - I grew up on these

Cradle of Filth / Dimmu - Yeah, yeah, mainstream metal stage next, it sucked.

Ill'nath / Dark Tranquility / Aborym / Arch Enemy - Mainly listened to alot of these guys during my years with Empyrean

Hate / Morbid Angel / Arcturus / Limbonic Art - Over the past few years

Septic Flesh / Limbonic Art / The Amenta / Ne'O - Today
Well, albums come and go, and bands move in and out.
Usually, at the time that I'm really liking one band, I'm still liking and listening to a lot of other stuff, even if there are mini-obsessions around the time of particular releases.

I can really only recall two focused periods, where a band really pushed most other music to the background for an extended period of time.
Cradle of Filth.

After that, I'd probably be looking at something like Anaal Nathrakh, but even that's different, since it's just rising and falling with releases - they've just been putting out releases that are consistently brilliant.
Suspicion : I'd probably have to find a band that's a little established so they've got ~ 3 albums or so I could just get lost in.
Until I was about 5-6, I would always watch my mum's Seekers and Rolf Harris VHSs
Then I started watching Rage, so I loved all the pop music that was on at the time.
When I was maybe 10; I got into P.O.D. and they were my favourite band until I was perhaps 14 or so.
Then Finger Eleven and The Smashing Pumpkins entered the fray, becoming tied favourites.
I discovered metalcore when I was 15, so i thought All That Remains was awesome (I still do, to a lesser degree)
I'm 18 now, and my favourite band is La Dispute. NeO, Mastodon and Between the Buried and Me are close.

I really haven't had for sure favourite bands for a long time though.
Let's go WAY back here! :p

The Beatles
Smash Mouth
The Backstreet Boys
Black Sabbath
Alice in Chains
Deathspell Omega

And now it's Ulver... or something. I can never decide.