Does it take a particular frame of mind to enjoy Opeth?

I couldn't agree more with the above posts.

Someone who listens to pop would be seriously offended (and likely frightened) by Opeth's music. Ideally, they'd listen to a track that starts mellow and builds (maybe The Moor?) to give them an extra shock.

Someone who has never heard, or doesn't listen to death vox might have a hard time getting into Opeth, but the growling isn't that far off from the abrupt yelling that's becoming more and more accepted in the "popular" music world.

A lot of the people I tried to convert were absolutely not into metal, and most (if not all..) agreed that Opeth were phenomenally talented, but the death vox just turned them off. Maybe that's for the best, though..

Even some people into metal found Opeth's songs too long, or that riffs went on for too long.

Anyone could be transfixed by the first heavy part of "To Bid You Farewell."

I think (think..) my point is that Opeth can hook anyone, given the right moment and piece being presented. From that point, it's merely a matter of opening their minds to things unfamiliar.

Most people have dark thoughts at one time or another. Opeth can speak to that part of them and maybe bring about some kind of positive catharsis, or maybe I'm just reaching now.

If the users on this forum are but a microcosm of the Opeth listeners, their fanbase is truly diverse and varied.

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I have a friend, I recommanded Opeth to him, but even though he heard a lot on it, it didnt appeal to him. I found it strange, because he has a great music-taste. :p.