Guitarist - what was the first opeth song you learned .


In memory of Chuck
May 2, 2001
Corner Brook Canada
Actually what was the first song you learned that was metal and then opeth . I started off trying to learn April Ethereal , and then Till Fjalls tabbed it and sent it to me , so then I learned that , and off to when and then so on .
My first metal song was ........if you can call this metal....... Crazy Train by Ozzy Ozbourne nice tune .
I still don't think I can play an ENTIRE Opeth song. Well, perhaps Harvest... haven't bothered with the solo, though... ANYWAYS! I basically started learning bits and pieces... a melody here, a riff there. I think the first things I learned were the parts of Black Rose Immortal - the primarily acoustic stuff from the 10-15 minute marks or so.

First riff of any kind I learned was the main riff of "Symptom of the Universe". Heh.

First metal song was probably paranoid by sabbath. master of puppets was shortly there after...

I can't play any opeth song all the way thru, except harvest. The first one i tried to learn was april ethereal. I'm trying to leave advent on bass...those slides are just too cool not to do.
The first Opeth song I learned was In Mist She Was Standing. I often sit around and play along to the whole Orchid cd. I've never taken the time to figure it out note for note, I don't feel that's a very productive thing to do anyway, but I know the majority of it. I know portions of other Opeth songs too, but for me the Orchid cd is the most fun to play. As far as metal in general, I can't remember what the first song I learned was. Probably early Black Sabbath, Dio, or it may have been Peace Sells... by Megadeth.
Lets see......first Opeth I learned was recently, it was Benighted, first metal song would be....hmmmm, so long ago......either Crazy Train (I still love ripping on that solo!) or Angel of Death by Slayer
I learned the first few bars of pulling teeth (i started out as a bassist) by Metallica. it was a while before i actually learned the 'hard' parts. I played it at my school's talent show sophomore year
The first Opeth songs I practiced was In Mist She Was Standing, followed by various songs from Orchid and Morningrise.. nowadays, I don't think I remember any of them completely anymore.
Speaking of Opeth songs, do you find the Opeth tabulatures on the net inadequate? I do, I don't trust them at all, even though there must be good ones as well. I prefer my ears way over my eyes (read: lousy .txt tabs).