How did you discover Opeth and what was your first-impression of Opeth?


Dec 21, 2005
My first impression of Opeth came after listening to "Demon Of The Fall" on my brother's computer. I was in my early teens and thought it was just incredibly scary with the vocals and riff and very majestic as well. I listened to it a couple of times and I immediatly became addicted to the acustic sound of the acustic guitars. So some weeks later at the local-recordshop I was searching the "Rock & Metal" section for AC/DC, where I suddently came across "My Arms, Your Hearse." I was fascinated over the cover with the artistic logo (remastered edition) and I bought the album 'cause it was cheaper than the AC/DC record i wanted (Let There Be Rock) and I saw "Demon Of The Fall" was featured. I was really hoping it would be more to hear from the acustics as well. It really paid off because after absorbing this record and the rest of the Opeth catalogue, I became more interessted in/open to "extreme metal" and progressive/psychedelic/space rock . :cool: Thank you Opeth!

I was wondering if anyone have thought over what one's first-impression and discovery of Opeth was. Which songs were the first you heard and what did you think of it all?
I heard Harvest and loved it, heard Drapery Falls and it was really intense for me, once I got used to the DM vox it became a favorite song, and I just had to buy all their other albums...

My first impression was of forests and halloween (no joke) and that this band was doing something original in metal.
well, i was basically really bored with all of the music that i was listening to. my favorite at the time was morbid angel. i wanted something different, something unique (not that morbid angel isn't unique - they are still one of my favorites)

so, i remember the old days on the shoutweb forums, hearing about how opeth was "real music." i figured, ah what the hell. lets give it a shot. i downloaded "by the pain i see in others"

it was instant addiction...i started calling fellow music friends, my girlfriend...etc...i downloaded more. the next day i bought blackwater park. my life had been changed. from then on, i knew that i wanted to play music for the rest of my life.

so, i'd say it was a pretty good first impression.
I was on some program called rhapsody, where you could "listen" (not download) music for free, and I used to listen to only crap bands (nu-metal, etc.) then my first brother was actually the one who found Opeth, and the album was Deliverance. Of course, being the naive idiot that i was, I complained that the singer's vocals were too deep and they sounded like crap (like any other death metal band, which is what I used to think). Well, I realized that my other brother (who has a much greater idea of good metal than my first one) knew about Opeth for a long time. Since he turned me on to a bunch of music, Opeth just happened to be on of the bands (along with Morbid Angel, Dream Theater especially). So I gave Deliverance a chance, and after about 3 listens, I finally grew to love it! Hooray.
A friend of mine was crazy about them and so he played them for me. I liked the vocals but I didnt like the music at all, I thought there was too much shit going on, didnt like the riffs at all. I loved a few songs though, A Fair Judgement and maybe Harvest and The Drapery Falls. So he lent me his albums and after a while the rest of the songs started to grow on me and one day I just loved it all.
I first heard "April Ethereal" on a Black Metal sampler (!!)..I was : "hmm, not that bad, even good"...a week or something after, I bought another mag with another sampler, just before Still Life was released...and there was "Moonlapse Vertigo" on it..I completely felt in love and asked the 4 albums for Christmas, which was just a couple of weeks after...and it's how their music ruined my life...
i was searching for slayer songs, and some asshole had categorised demon of th fall under Slayer, so when i DLed it i was like wtf this isnt slayer. I was kinda turned off by the wierd reversed growl mixes at the beginning, but after a few tries i lost my virginity to Opeht!!
My friend reccomended them to me. I was like "Wow..interesting name". The first 2 songs I downloaded by them were The Drapery Falls and Demon Of The Fall. Those two songs sold me. Their music seemed very diiferent and original, and that is exactly the kind of music I like. So I started getting more stuff by them.
A friend at my new job had got into Opeth completely by coincidence. She was much more into metal than I was at the time, but she could see that I would be interested in something a little different. So, she let me start the same place she did: by lending me Blackwater Park, without any indication of what to expect.

So, 'The Leper Affinity' starts: :OMG:
Then, there are vocals :OMG: :OMG:
Then, after a while, it reached the clean passage: :OMG: :OMG: :OMG:

At the time, the album was the heaviest thing I think I had heard, but right from the word go I loved it. I knew I had discovered something special. Just typical that this was, like, 2 days after they played in my area... had to wait 2 and a half years for them to come back. But it was worth it. Opeth are a very important part of my life. I am thankful.
First heard Windowpane on a late night show called Rage and then downloaded it and some other tracks...

I absolutly hated the heavy stuff. Couldn't stand the vocals. I thought they were just some metal band from the 70's or something....

But what can I say... it grew on me... hehe.
Went to my local metal records shop, asked if there was anything new that was good, i was like 13 at the time (been into metal all my life, now not so much). The guy told me they got a new CD from an european band called Opeth, it was their new release and said i would like it. It was My Arms, Your Hearse.
By the time i reached WHEN... i was sold, the best metal i've ever heard.
Someone sent me Morningrise over the internet, I listened to some of Advent and thought it was OK, didn't really like the death metal vox though. Then several months later my friend whose favorite band was Opeth had the Lamentations DVD on for a while and I thought they seemed awesome. So I started actually listening to Morningrise, it grew on me and I loved it, and then got copies (illegal) of all their albums within a couple of months. Now I just need to get the rest of their actual CD's- I just have Morningrise and Deliverance