Opeth and Riverside

ok. youve got the program, now to view tabs you need the tab file, generally .gp5 or something. you can dl them off UG, about 100-200kb i think. just double click the tab, or open the tab inside guitar pro and it opens up. its got tab, notation, articulations like trills, tremolo, vibrato etc.

ok, as an example, DL for absent friends and open it up. if it doesnt work youve probably got a version of guitar pro older than the tab file, i think theres a program that can circumvent it or change the file to an older version for you. view absent friends, and tell me about the incredible difference in sound compared to the actual song

working yet ?
No I know how to do that. I want to write music with it. And yeah, maybe I have a bad tab or something (though it was rated a five) but it sounded like a really bad cover of the song.
i dont know if you can write music, you can input tab however. just select the note from the top left, any articulations or whatever, and input the fret number on the correct string. how about i send you the tab?
If that was the first time I heard an "Opeth" song. I wouldn't be on this forum today.
I can play tabs fine. The problem is writing them. I don't know how to.
rofl @ u If that was the first time I heard an "Opeth" song. I wouldn't be on this forum today. just lol

whats so hard? just move the cursor thingo to the string you want to play on and write what fret its gonna be

say you wanna play a D on the A string, just go to the A string and hit 5
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ok, you tabbed out the intro to TCG yourself, or you looked at an accurate tab on UG? if its ur own, its probably because your bar isnt correctly filled. if you have too many / too few notes in your bar itll just pause i think at wait until its time for the next bar.

if u cant work out how many notes youve missed / overdone etc, itll say near the bottom BAR COMPLETE OR BAR INCOMPLETE. green means complete, red means incomplete
Nah, I figured it out. I learned a lot tonight just fooling around. I'll try to work on some more stuff tomorrow.