Opeth hate


Oct 15, 2001

I was on the Metal Maniacs board today and again I saw anti-Opeth posts. It seems that it's been trendy over the last year or so to suddenly be against Opeth. As if any band that is getting the recognition and praise that Opeth gets must be bad, since it might shed a little light on the "underground" that these people hold as their own possession. It's one thing to dislike Opeth's music but it seems that anti-Opeth sentiment is about more than that.

Has anyone else noticed what I'm talking about?
I sure as hell did notice, since I used to post there all the time! But there are only a few sensible people there anyway, the rest are basically ever-present trolls, that like to call everything that gets semi-popular "gay". Godd thing they aren't at all representative of the general metal population.......

Though some people I know from there always hated Opeth:eek:
I can understand when people listen to Opeth and say ,, well i'm not really into that ,,because when I bought my first Opeth cd,,I didn't like it all that much ,, but I got used to it .. But when some idiot post's a thread called anti-opeth ,,,, i'd like to take them out and put a bullet in there closed minded brain
I don't really mind if someone gives it a try and says "It didn't really do anything for me, nothing against it though." or "I just didn't like the ________ part of it, they should just _______." It's when they see the cover of Orchid and say "That's fucking gay, Opeth sucks!" Or they hear the growls and say "I can't even understand what they're saying, Opeth sucks" That's what gets me arguing with them until they

A) Give up
B) Get so immature that I give up
C) Admit i'm right

This has happened several times, a few of my friends have said "Opeth is ok, but I don't really like it" I've concluded they don't like music as much as me, and they'd rather put on something that's easy to listen to and be entertained than take the time to appreciate it. I've decided it's not worth trying with them. Then there's the people who will instantly not like it and start insulting it for whatever reason, they have no solid argument for not liking it other than "It's gay", "I can't understand what he's growling", "It's pussy music" etc. etc. These are the people who I just ignore because they are so closeminded/immature.
The depth of the shithole seems infinite. Nothing seems to be enough for some people... Everyone is someone elses bitch looksie! NSYNC > Limp Bizkit > Staind > Fear Factory > Metallica > Megadeth > Cradle of Filth > Dimmu Borfit > Emperor/Marduk/Burzum/Opeth. whoever > Whiney Opeth haters > Blah Blah no one is "troo" enough for someone else... it is all pointless ignorance! :D
Reminds me of a certain asshole in my school who my friends and I have nicknamed 'IGnor', due to his general narrowmindedness and ignorance.

For example, one day I was minding my own business in a religion class, listening to Opeth on my discman, when ignore turns around and goes 'what ya listenin' to?'. I reply 'Opeth'.
He proceeds to piss himself laughing, thinking thats the name 'Opeth' is absolutely hilarious. Stupid annoying bastard. He also refers to Emperor as 'Queen', thinking that that is also funny. I just dont see the joke.

I dont mind getting slagged, but slag my music and you shall PAY. And soon, very soon, mwa haw haw haw... :devil:
i no people like that too iv had my mate pissin them selves laughin at names such as opeth novembre cradle of fith arch enemy in flames well nearly every band i listen to
i dont understand how any1 can badmouth opeth espcially with the pure perfection of black rose immortal
Originally posted by Oyo
This has happened several times, a few of my friends have said "Opeth is ok, but I don't really like it" I've concluded they don't like music as much as me, and they'd rather put on something that's easy to listen to and be entertained than take the time to appreciate it.

Yah, that's true. Some people's sphere of interests lies elsewhere, and they aren't interested in music. You're right.

But here's my 7 cents : stay away from chat-rooms. That medium has a negative effect on the visible projection of intelligence of whoever enters it. I've been in various chat-rooms 4 or 5 times during the last 2 years, mostly for experimenting and trying out my new identities, but the people, even those who would probably be intelligent in the real world, are reduced to LOLs and short-sentence replies. It's practically impossible to have a deep, detailed conversation with anybody in a chat-room. Forums are more open, I feel that I can spread my wings at this board.

D Mullholand
It seems to me quite a few of the people on the Metal Maniacs site are trying to "out underground" each other....If your only reason for not liking a band is that they are "gay" or they are too "popular" then your opinion really doesn't mean much to me! It actually means you are just as "sheep minded" as some of the "nu-metal" fans you proclaim to despise so much are. I have been listening to extreme metal for over 15 years now and I have to say #1)If OPETH are gay then I guess a "gay" band is the best extreme metal has to offer! #2)I don't care if a band has 100 fans worldwide or 10,000,000 If their music moves me then I will like and support them. #3)Opeth are the Black Sabbath of the milleneum and with the talent they possess I would be happy for them to make some money,beside that,it's not like they're being shown on mtv around the clock now is it!?!?:(
Well my band is so true! We are called Algzkerenethorax, and we're so underground we don't even play instruments! Thats right, instruments just aren't true enough! We will take back the underground with our limited edition demo "Blackened Demonic Impious Dyslexia"* featuring our notorius brand of heinous demon howls and maddeningly technical kazoo playing! BE warned!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE THE BLACK METAL UNDERGROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAIL HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* limited to an ultra rare 2.46 copies (only on vinyl) on BlackenedGraveRapist records!
Yes it is an ode to the warriors of the frosty north who daily feel the kiss of cold godess winter(by which, of course, I mean northern San Diego County)!
I noticed the new hate forum here, and if there's anything that makes my blood boil, it's purist black metal assholes who bash Opeth for exhibiting musicianship and not wearing corpsepaint and sounding like their album was recorded in a sewage overspill.
Idiot, closed-minded fanatics, all of them.

Nothing gets on my nerves more than people who are so ignorant that they judge, generalize, and label things (whether good or bad) without even experiencing the thing they're judging, be it music, people, food, whatever.

This reminds me of the people I live with. I remember one time I played Tristania... 2 seconds after they growled my bro immediate cut it off and said "they suck, they're trying too hard to be evil." And from then on generalized all my music as Tristanian. Hell, he thinks Delerium is death metal because I like it.

As far as these Opeth haters are conserned. I don't care what they think of Opeth. I love them, so why should I care what some strangers on a message board think of them? They generally did the same thing to In Flames, I noticed. If they insist n hating bands because they get a bit of recognition, then I will place them in the same catagory as those who only listen to music if it's on a top ten chart. These people aren't into music, they are into the fad.
About the note that there are some places on the web where people say that they hate Opeth, I think that they say that just because they don't know their amazing musical style. And for them it's easy to say anything (even bullshit), but they don't know what are they truly saying... Besides, it could be too that they are enclosed to a simple metal style, i.e. Metallica or Iron Maiden, and they just will not accept Opeth's style..
It's a natural law:
Most people are afraid of what they don't understand, and to hide their insecurity about the matter they will ridicule it.
If they run out of arguments to support their opinion about a topic, they will start insulting and mocking as well.

So don't mind Opeth-flaming, anti-Opeth opinions only prove that the band gets enough attention.