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I've mostly been using Metal-Archives and these here UM archives which give a little more direction since I'm looking for a specific sound, but I'll look through those names. Looks like a lot stuff on there that's not even Death Metal much less OSDM.
:lol: You would think that's what the whole website is about...

These are the ones I haven't looked into that might be interesting:

Capharnaum (U.S.)
Morgue (U.S.)
Obliveon (Canada)
Oppressor (U.S.)
Uncanny (Swe)

Opinions on any of those?
i listened to Ceremonial Oath's Carpet and Gates of Ishtar's A Bloodred Path.

CO was tolerable but clearly a young band getting their feet wet. GoI was pretty damn good, very savage.

1st time hearing both.
i listened to Ceremonial Oath's Carpet and Gates of Ishtar's A Bloodred Path.

CO was tolerable but clearly a young band getting their feet wet. GoI was pretty damn good, very savage.

1st time hearing both.

Really? I had a Gates of Ishtar CD back in the day (the booby cover) and I thought it was pretty meh melodeath. Haven't heard it in forever.
I finally got around to checking out Mortification's first 3 albums. I was curious whether Ancient Prophesy would still be a 10/10 song for me in the context of the album rather than the mixtape thread. Actually it was more like an 11/10, so thanks for that! Rare for a death metal song to stand out that much to me, but not surprising here given I tend to like both low vocals (eg. Vader) and overly long doom / drone & shit.

I can't see myself getting into the rest of Mortification's stuff. Think he started to work in a bit much of those punky vocals where it sounds like he's trying to squeeze out a turd. There's far too much other music out there that I'll take ages to get around to as it is.
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I've been spending some time exploring the new Death Metal bands since seeing Gatecreeper. I definitely have an old-school bias with Metal in general and just assume new bands are gonna be faggotry but there are some that are really keeping the torch burning. Molder convinced me of that and Gatecreeper's performance really piqued my curiosity. So, aside from jamming the Gatecreeper album I have and exploring their other stuff I've also looked into Frozen Soul, Undeath, Obscene, and Creeping Death. I was already a bit familiar with Morbific, Skeletal Remains, and Mortuous and have seen the latter two live with Left to Die. I looked into a few others that didn't seem to be my bag.

The ones that I'm really liking thus far are Molder, Frozen Soul, Gatecreeper, Undeath, and Morbific. Obscene and Creeping Death are a bit below but that could change. The new Obscene album is a huge improvement over the first one which I did check out sometime earlier this year I think. I need to spend more time with Skeletal Remains and Mortuous because their stuff hasn't gripped me as much even though I've been familiar with them longer.

Really digging the early Bolt Thrower influence here:

Same thing with "The Bleeding" here:

My good mate from Sweden has been doing one man band Autopsy-worship since like 2009, and I've been getting sent CD-Rs and cassettes from him for over a decade. In that time he's got married, had several kids, and finally his mission to release music officially through a label on vinyl and CD has come true. It's surreal even for me, I consider him like a family member at this point!

If you like the idea of filthy Autopsy inspired music, consider checking his debut full length out. It's actually getting released on splatter vinyl too. It's all up for preorder and the run is quite limited I think. He garnered attention by dubbing the album to tape at home and selling them online.

Obviously I'm biased but it's one of my favourite albums of the year. NO DRUM MACHINE FAGGOTRY.
I can't believe I haven't spammed my own death metal band in this thread already - shame(less) on me!

Guitarist/vocalist in Swedish deff methul dudes Desolator, latest album is "Sermon of Apathy", released in 2020 by Black Lion Records and features Karl Sanders (Nile) on the closing track.
We mix both American and Swedish schools of DM, and have been compared a bit with Immolation, Morbid Angel and Vader. Anyway, feel free to check us out :kickass: