Opeth17's Cool and Fun (Un)Black Metal Reco Exchange

Been feeling jolly. Starting to move into the more epic autumnal stuff now. Just listened to Temnozor. Checking out Astrofaes and Walknut. Been on a Drudkh kick and will probably pick up Songs of Grief and Solitude, Estrangement, and Microcosmos.

Yes, nice little one-man atmospheric project. He's from Corpus Christi! I got the CD from him (run of 20 copies). Hopefully it'll get re-pressed.

There's something about these Ukrainian/Russian bands that I really enjoy. The Christian ones are good too. You should really check out Evroklidon J. This is a GREAT album and I think it'd be in your wheelhouse:

The Flame of Sodom - 2005

Usynlig Tumult is pretty good too:

Voices of the Winds - 2009

Will, check them out. I've got a long week at work doing some OT, so I will go down the list.

Horde and Antestor aren't my thing. At least not these days. Back in the day, sure.
I might actually like Temnozor the most out of those Russian/Ukrainian bands though Battlefields is hard to beat. It seems like that album is pretty unique in Hate Forest's discography and I have not enjoyed their raw, fast BM stuff. Of course, Drudkh has some gems too. I have just really dug Horizons since I got it.

Does Turisas cross the jollyness line for you?