Ganymede said:
The simple fact of the matter (and anyone who understands the intracacies of music know this) is that Dimebag was an excellent soloist, Vinnie Paul's drumming was always tight and his rythm was flawless, Rex's bass had killer groove (which is what a good bassist should have, regardless of the genre), and Phil Anselmo, while being the least talented member of the band, was still a goddammned good vocalist. Pantera probably won't go down in history as metal's best band, but they are at a level that few bands can hope to attain.

Phail can thank Kyle Thomas from Exhorder form those "god damned good vocals."
Nag said:
Phail can thank Kyle Thomas from Exhorder form those "god damned good vocals."

I've heard plenty of Exhorder, and yes, Pantera took a lot of infulence from them when they changed their sound (around the time between "Cowboys" and "Vulgar"), but Pantera was so much more explosive.
Pantera are great, fair enough people dont like there music but that doesnt mean u need to despise them, its not dimes fault people call him the best guitarist, as a person he is a great guy and hes a good guitarist for me Maiden kick all ass and always will, but phil is a complete dick :)
swizzlenuts said:
What are you stances on Pantera? I personally don't like thier music and I am tired of all the People who say Dimebag was the best metal guitarist ever.

I dont understand how people can say he wrote the best metal songs.... i personally think his riffs get old after one minute of repeitition....

Your thoughts?
I think Dimebag Darrel was a guitarist as others, and his riffs were quite good but nothing special.
I like them. I'm not fond of the way that so many of their songs, like "Walk", are a bit slower-paced, but Dimebag had some brilliant guitar solos.
I used to love Pantera, and think that Dimebag was a fantastic metal guitarist before he died. I enjoyed a lot of his riffs, and his solos were amazing. I actually consider Cowboys From Hell to be my least favourite Pantera album. I really liked Far Beyond Driven. The Great Southern Trendkill I always liked a lot as well. Floods might be my favourite Pantera track. Sometimes I think that Dimebag is underrated as far as some of his riffage goes.
"Good bye.. Good bye mystery.. good bye.. good bye pain... Good bye love.. WEEEEEELLLL MEEET AGAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!"

Dodens Grav said:

lol I remember when I started listenign to them.. we lived in Dallas[irving] in 84-87.. my uncle was like "they were glam...They stole from the Louisiana bands..." I was always disbelieving.. then I heard exhorder and was like wow... he told me some other stories about Glamtera's Scene.. was pretty hilarious.
Time for primal concrete epicbump!

Officially the greatest metal band to get drunk to, ever.

Come on now, I think its fair to say "Cowboys From Hell" wasn't a bad album. Even if you hate the band its hard to hate that album. I think. Let alone its not fantastic, its not awful...
I think Anselmo's vocals were excellent all the way through, in as much as they fit the music perfectly. The problem is that the music became thuggish redneck crap, and his vocals followed suite.