The demise of Pantera

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Btw, I hear they were never really hair metal, per se. It was more like Priest-style speed metal. At least when Phil came along...
These pics should work now:


Note how Phil at this point has no tattoos


Dimebag was known as Diamond Darrel back then :lol: And Rexx Rocker :lol: adn Vinnie was slim back then

Panteras first 4 albums:



Power Metal is probably their second best cd, after Cowboys From Hell. The albums with their first singer are much more Glam Metal, which were really quite bad. Reinventing The Steel is halfway decent, and each album has a few different tracks, but Pantera was never amazing. They had a lot of crappy stuff too, which usually outweighs the good stuff.
Even though I love Down and Pantera I fucking hate Superjoint Ritual. Sounds like they're doing a shittier version of TGSTK over and over. On the their new album, Anselmo sounds like he's actually dying probably cause of all the drugs over the years.

Yes, even though I like some of his past music.. that guy is a jackass. All he does is talk shit now, he's just making more enemies. And that guy is not going to get over the hard drugs.. he was always doing it. He's getting real fucked over because of it now but it's his own fault he brought it all to himself.

Damage Plan is pretty good.
haha, someone left me some negative reputation points for my comments in this thread. I could really give a fuck, but this cowardly piece of shit didn't even leave his name. What a fucking pussy. Then again, he likes Pantera, so what else would I expect.
NocturnalSun said:
but his 'shit' he went through was self-induced, so it's his fault. I think he's a total dipshit
Yep, gotta love those huge egos. I don't know about the rest of the fan base, but I only listened to Pantera for Dime's work, and it was nice to hear how well the brothers worked together... The only track I really credit Phil is Cemetery Gates... maybe CFH itself.
Personally, I'll be happy to hear Pantera without phil, and really, anyone dicking around for a year can play the bass lines, IMO, so the brother's should end up with some good shit, let's hope :D

As for their hair band days, from the tracks I've heard, the guitarwork was nice, and I would call it more thrash (at least from the powermetal album). However, after VDoP, I kinda lost interest in the group =/
And that's why the rest of the band are cool guys that don't talk shit and actually have balls.

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An entertaining 4 pages this thread has been....

From fan worship to assinine insults, it's all here!

Pantera as fans grew to love CFH and beyond, couldn't have been without Phil Anselmo. Anyone who has heard previous releases to Cowboys knows they are inferior. Far Beyond Driven is a masterpiece of extremity. But I think the demise is probably for the best.

Superjoint Ritual is a band with a rich history, but then again, I got to see them in Houston back in the day when Dead Horse leader Michael Haaga was still a member of the band. Hank Williams III is the only fucker who could replace Haaga.

Their latest, A Lethal Dose Of American Hatred is great at what it sets out to be, effective by all means. Not for pussies.

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