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One Inch Man said:
Terrorists attack the mentality of a people, and they succeeded with 9/11, because now people hesitate before getting on a plane, or going to a football game, etc.

I mean, is this actually true?!

I can't think of a single person I've met, either on a regular basis or just in passing, who's ever mentioned a fear of anything public-like due to terrorism. Maybe it's the resolve and "fuck it" attitude of the northeastern United States, but it's my experience thus far.
It's not so much a fear as it is a concious acceptance of terrorism as a possibility, further compounded by longer waits at the airport, more thorough security screening at public events, etc. I don't think many people are still shaking in their boots, but they do acknowledge the possibility.
GrumpyDwarf said:
Incidentally, I also have no problem with the invasion of Iraq....attention was turned to Iraq, maybe not the greatest worldwide threat, but still, a threat nonetheless. And no, I'm not talking about the WMD thing. Hussein was a prick.
Sorry, that's just not good enough. War should be a last resort action. If Iraq "was not the greatest worldwide threat" then we should not have gone to war. And now US soldiers are dead, more Iraqi's are dead, and Iraq is in disarray. Also, to back your argument, I suppose you're anxious for the US to invade more countries now that might pose a greater threat, like Iran and North Korea?

The invasion of Iraq was shortsighted, and led through some personal vendetta (since Bush was going to attack Iraq whether 9/11 happened or not), and I'm sorry, no two ways you cut this, that makes Bush a POOR leader and certainly gives enough reason not to vote for him again.

Like I said earlier, with Bush you have ample proof that he's going to continue to fuck up, and with Kerry you only have speculation. That's good enough for some I suppose.
Lets get off the Iraq war for a second and concentrate on Bush's economic record, or lack thereof. This guy has single-handedly fucked all of us.

Lets see, he endorses shipping American jobs overseas. But don't worry, the gov't will help these citizens go to community college! Nevermind the fact that the people whose jobs are being outsourced already have 4-year degrees or graduate degrees, but Bush will help you learn air-conditioning repair.

America is now more in debt than we've ever been.

Healthcare continues to rise, and over one million lost health insurance during Bush's tenure than any before him.

Gas prices continue to empty the pockets of millions, rendering them helpless to spend money which would help the economy.

I work wth lots of Bush supporters, so naturally we talk about the issues, and one thing they can never counted is when I tell them that I want them to throw a party if/when their job is moved overseas. Why shouldn't they? After all, they endorsed Bush which means they endorse outsourcing. When I tell them this, they all just grumble and have nothing to say.

I also tell them that when their children are of age, I want them to enlist their children in the military. After all, they endorse Bush, so they endorse the war. To this, they have no argument.

I'm much more worried about things here at home, than I am about what's going on overseas, since our problems here more directly affect me.
To tell you how pathetic this has become, right now, for the last hour, W Bush has been getting free coverage in primetime on all the major networks. He is in Cincinnati at the reds stadium giving a political rally. This is really really really partisan. He is getting free coverage, without any coverage of kerry for over an hour. Plus many of the so called luminaries of Cinci are in the audience, like Johnny Bench. How bad can this get in this country? These votes in cincy may affect the rest of Ohio.
Oh and nice J, I couldnt agree with you anymore, I like you offer of bush supporters to send their children to die in Iraq.
GrumpyDwarf said:
Conversely, for those who support Kerry. What exactly is it about his inconsistencies and wavering support for a variety of issues that make you think the country will be any better than it's been for the past 4 years?
His "inconsistencies" as you call them, have been grossly exagerated by the Right. For the most part, he has been consistent. If you have questions about why he has stood, where he has stood, simply check out his web site. He addresses all his "inconsistencies".

I find it odd that people think, having an opinion that never evolves is a good thing. Personally, where I stand on something changes as the information I have changes.

GrumpyDwarf said:
Someone who supports Bush could simply say, well, "I hope it will get better in the 2nd term."
And they'd be right, because things couldn't get worse.

GrumpyDwarf said:
That's no different than the Kerry supporters, 99% of which are voting for the man simply because he's not Bush. Genius.
And what exactly does that say about Bush? Is Kerry a great candidate? No. Is he (in my mind) clearly a better choice, in every conceivable way, than Bush? Without question.

As someone who quite honestly isn't enamored with either candidate, I'm really playing more of a devil's advocate than anything else (though yes, I do indeed support the war and removal of asswipes worldwide).

I just find it interesting that a leader has generated such ill will that people will go to great lengths to vote for anyone but him. I guess I'm most pissed that I didn't run for President, b/c I would obviously have had a decent shot of winning.
If you can dismiss the bullshit about supposed WMDs, I think I would be more supportive of the war if the US drew out a plan to continue to invade countries that support terrorism. At least that way, the invasion of Iraq would be less hypocritical. It would be a major fuck up on a grand scale, but it would be less hypocritical nevertheless.

Man, the prospect of USA vs. North Korea would be 'pay-per-view' worthy.