Oh btw I've cut my hair

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Now I look as ridiculous as Jan, Umut, Tcall, or Baris and the rest of you. ;)

I STILL have long hair! :rolleyes:

It must have changed your looks quite much. My friend that I've known for 6 years had long hair until last spring or so, I almost didn't recognize him when I saw him for the first time with short hair! :D
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you meant as handsome as Jan, as sexy as Umut, as dangerous as Barbarian, as tasty as Tcall and as cute as Evrim?

Who ,Ivy?!?!?!
C'me on jan?!?
He can't be as handsome as you,
as sexy as umut,
as great,sexy,handsome,dangerous,marvelous, magnificient vs vs as me,
as cute as evrim...:D :D ;)
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Long hair is for girls, or men who like to dress up as girls :D

Should Iron Maiden and all the long haired metalheads take that as an insult? :rolleyes: