Opeth - music or more?


Papa Opeth
May 19, 2001
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I listen to Opeth, but it's not "music" - it's emotion. Music has always been my place to hide and to heal.

Before Opeth, I would search out a "song" to calm me, or pump me up, etc. Now, I have found something more. Yes, people will still call Opeth music, and to most, probably nothing they would listen to. But we know better. Opeth isn't "music" to bring us to that place - it is that place.

This is how I feel - what about you?
Yes, pure emotion. Transformed into music. When I listen to Opeth (and some others like eg. Tiamat - Wildhoney, Tiamat - A Deeper Kind of Slumber or Haggard - Thou Shalt Trust... the Seer) my whole body absorbes the music, the feeling, the emotions... everything... and I feel... whole.
Opeth is like a sanctuary for me to go to when I just don't want to deal with the rest of the world. When I turn on Opeth the emotion from the music breeds in me and makes me feel at peace with my surroundings.
Being a devoted follower of progressive music, sometimes I tend to listen to Opeth in a purely musical way, just to marvel at Akerfeldt's incredible arrangements, and his masterful ability to bridge the two main contrasts in his music. But this is not often, because I get a much stronger emotional response from Opeth than nearly any other band and there are few other bands whose work I can completely immerse myself in...
I never consider Opeth , just music . Although music is a big part of my life , Opeth is a bigger part of my life than music , and it deserves a better name than , Just music . Opeth is a Creation , It has changed every secound of my life from now on . For example , I kind of moved were I am now In search for other opeth fans , so every secound of my life is changed , from now on
This is awesome :)
How cool would it be if everyone on here could all get together at 3 in the morning and talk about all this stuff :D
Sorry to say this, but Opeth is still _just_ music for me - although exceptionally special in several ways. It is just so that I can't always differentiate the feelings aroused by music from the "real ones", if you know what I mean.

Anyway, as I just listened through The Funeral Portrait, I must say an otherwise sad day somehow transformed into pleasant, satisfactory experience - I realized what was wrong with me at that moment and found a conclusion. Now I will go and make a call to a certain woman (not before this song ends)...

-Villain (np: Blackwater Park)
I think you guys have already said it all, Opeth is pure emotions transformed into music. But it can still be only music, depending on which way I listen to it...

For me, not only bands with very emotional parts like Opeth can give me that feeling of it being more than just music. If it's well played and got that little extra touch, even death metal and thrash metal can give me that feeling, but in different ways depending on the kind of music.

Opeth is probably the band that gives me the most powerful experiences though, most likely because it is very emotional and gives you all kind of emotions, unlike for example death metal which will usually only give you feelings like AARGH!!! destroy! chaos! massmurder! :)
Music means a lot for me overall... Opeth on one hand though is just almost too hard to actually listen to for me. I can listen to them fine doing other stuff. But if I sit with headphones and them playing for too long I almost can't take it. I have goosebumps always when I actually LISTEN to Opeth, and sometimes that leads to much more emotional things for me. I am not too sure why, I don't have too much that I can relate with the lyrics, its just the emotion that is conveyed within the "music" and everything surrounding it, it really gets to me deeeeeeeply.
I agree, and i just got a great idea.

I have always loved going to phish/grateful dead style concert festivals. The friendly laid back atmoshpere and the drugs and partying make it a great time. But I am not a fan of the music. I always wished metal shows could be like that instead of a bunch of moshing and shit. But I think Opeth fans are different. Imagine a weekend of Opeth/Tool/and another similarly artistic kind of band? Camping, making friends, hearing great music, smoking or drinking or tripping or sobriety, they are all welcomed. A great time will be had by all.
Sounds good!!! I would love that, even though I don't do any drugs or drink much I would still love it hehe :) I think a good band to add to fit this atmosphere would be "In The Woods...". "Summoning", hhmmm that would be different but blend in VERY well too
Opeth is like a religion to me (mostly because I worship Mikael) Its true nature cannot be described with pure words or cannot be comprehended by the human mind. Mikael is God and if we could completely comprehend Opeth, we would be one step closer to being gods as well.