Royal Carnage hits the One Year Anniversary


Be still, O wand'rer!
Apr 26, 2002
'Twas March 3rd 2003 when we launched Royal Carnage!

Here's a recap summary from Day One to Present:

Current Writers: Black Winter Day, Chief B, Erik, Evil C, Haddsie, JayKeeley, NAD, Papa Josh
Previous Writers: Dark One, Markgugs, Smothered Hope

Label Partners: Too many to list really, but special thanks in particular to Markgugs and Papa Josh for bringing them to our doorstep. (It kind of blew out of proportion at how quickly it came together!). :worship:

Published Reviews (Official Releases): 365 - not including the the reviews in the Band Features. This averages to about 7 reviews per weekly update. \m/

Published Reviews (Unsigned Acts): 21 - including Nasheim, Woods of Ypres, Exit to Eternity, October Falls, and Damon Morder, etc

Published Interviews: 37 - including King Diamond, Michael Weikath, Fenriz, Angela Gossow, Tony Lazaro, and Cristina Scabbia - to name but a few

Band Profile Features: IRON MAIDEN, BLACK SABBATH (Tony Martin era), and TESTAMENT. Pick your favorite. :)

Live Reports: OPETH, NILE, NJ METALFEST, CANNIBAL CORPSE, and of course the big feature we did on WACKEN OPEN AIR 2003 (in return getting backstage passes to the event). Otherwise, we obviously don't get out enough... :D

Forum Activity (to date): 965 Threads & 23,807 Posts. See 'Live Reports'. :tickled:
Thanks to all the forum regulars that support RC (and/or just like to hang at the forum or for beers at shows etc) - you know who you are. :cool:

Metal Mad Japan: Well, we got Soilwork and Arch Enemy interviews published in Japanese! Who would have thought? :cool:

Merchandise: We rushed some shirts together, specifically for the Wacken event, and they're not the greatest, but at least we got them out the door and I do love our Moon emblem logo (thanks to my brother in law, Marc, for all the graphics)!! I still have a couple of 'L' sized spare shirts if anyone wants one! Just PM me for shipping costs only.

Well done to ALL. It was a definite team effort to get that amount of content written and published in the space of 12 months. Feel free to comment on your own memorable moments etc - this is a free for all, not an Oscar acceptance speech or any bullshit like that!! I just work here! :loco:

I'm sure there are plenty other things to include in a recap, like the infamous Celtic Frost thread for example - brings a smile to my face. :) One other particular aspect is the 'behind-the-scenes' webmastering duties. All I can say is, 'fuck me', (words cannot describe the pain of updating on a week-by-week basis, heh) but in anycase, no way could I have done it without Haddsie, my wife and our graphics guru. :worship:

:kickass: :kickass: :kickass: :kickass: :kickass:

Glad to be part of the team, I've had a blast this whole time.

EDIT: I plan on getting fucked up tomorrow night, maybe it was just meant to be!

Speaking of that, I think we've had more "I'm fujcokikng hammemrmed" threads than live reports. :loco:
thanks to YOU Jaykeeley for making RC what it is. you are the godfather of all that is RC and words can't summarize how much you have contributed in being Royal Carnage.

as for the anniversary... it seems like a few months ago when we were trying to come up with a name for the zine and i got lazy and didn't submit anything except one lousy top 10 of 2002 list. i guess it was my destiny to come back... and i'm glad i have.
Bloody hell, that's uber-good when you put it like that!

By a bizarre coincidence, this comes a few days after my 1 Year Home Star Runner aniversary. You cannot begin to imagine the impact that website has had on me and my mates. We have all gone insane :loco:
Heh, no. The anniversary marks the date that Royal Carnage was *complete* (at least in it's first stage), which was March 2nd 2003.

Trust me when I say that RC looked exactly the same on March 3rd as it did March 2nd. The only difference being, the site was moved from my laptop to a web server.
Maybe this is a good time to thank all the forum regulars for helping me maintain a little sanity at my mundane job. :loco:
I feel both a tremendous sense of accomplishment and beaming pride, and sadness that I found myself unable to keep up with contributing on even a semi-regular basis.

JayKeeley does indeed deserve more props than mere words in a thread can describe, as I can certainly remember long days and even longer nights last year at this time. He & Haddsie have poured more blood, sweat and cash into this than I'm sure they care to admit.

This certainly blossomed into more than JayK and I ever bargained for, that's for damned sure. I'll never forget that cellphone call one January afternoon when Ali & I both blurted out the idea at nearly the same time. It was very fucking cool. All the free CDs and backstage passes and sheer happiness at seeing your words in print don't even approach the camraderie and friendship I experience at RC on a daily basis. I made some real-life friends and lots more e-friends that I wish I could get hammered with.

Here's to many more fellas. Thanks much. \m/
We're one year old today! Man, time really does fly by. Reading those forum statistics you would think that we have been around for years. Cor Blimey Gov'nor.

Well, I would like to thank my Mother, Father (god rest his soul) Oh, this ain't the Oscars...sheeyat god damn mo'tho.

Seriously, I would like to thank all the readers of RC who have made this webzine a very enjoyable experience for us writers. :worship: Plus a big thanks to Jay and Haddsie who opted to pay more attention to this site than rearing their own child!