The most overrated metal bands.

shryker said:
this will get me killed *prays* i think nirvana are muchly overated, they are overplayed and there is too much hype.. there was grunge before nirvana anyway

You're right on target.. Why would you get killed for that? Nirvana does suck, and I'm glad Kurt Cobain shot himself.
Devy_Metal said:
non metal: tool has to be the most over rated band in the history of western civilization.
that is just dumb, so many shitty bands in this planet... tool are actually good musicians, you may not like the music but to each their own. (not their biggest fan and i havent listen to them in years)
their drummer is quite good actually. the bassist too, the guitarrist mehhh and maynard has unique voice(love or hate kind of thing), he can be really anoyinning, thats true.
exposer to his voice for long periods of time can be dangerous.

in terms of metal, i think the sweddish metal scene is pretty much overated
arch enemy, soilwork, in flames....crappy generic metal, that genre has become so generic its not even funny
000-0000-888-10-8-7 LOOK I MADE A SWEDDISH RIFF! crapp!!!

how i miss at the gates.... arsis are listenable actually, for the genre their good.
Profanity said:

You need to check out:

man i was refering to the typical sweedish style. not bands that are from swedden, meshuggah are sweddish and they dont sound like fucking in flames obviously.

i know all those bands, some of them i like, opeth dissection and early entombed.

nightrage is ok, not really my thing... im very picky in my metal, is very difficult to find any bands that interest me...