Longest new member post ever? Need death advice

Bolt Thrower is Death Fucking Metal, period. Not Thrash at all. And they own you.
Post_Scriptum said:
I hear Slipknot are great. Good production and super evil too.
To quote my 12 years old sister "greatest death metal band ever".

:kickass: :kickass:

Definitly didn't want to read the whole post. Btw, great job of writting down bands from your foobar/winamp playlist.:cool:
Bolt Thrower are mid-tempo death metal, with some doom(ish) slow sections. They're also in my top 10 bands of all time, by virtue of consistancy, and the utterly awesome "...For Victory" album (and track, for that matter).

Yeah...Bolt Thrower kicks ass. If you liked 'Those Once Loyal', then you'll like most of their others - 'Warmaster', 'IV Crusade', '...For Victory'. Though I'd stay away from 'In Battle There is no Law' and 'Realm of Chaos' - it took me awhile to warm up to their earlier stuff.