Opeth Setlist 2003

With so many fans, and so many great songs, we're bound to get pleased with some of the choices, and displeased with others. I'm saddened to hear that they won't play 'Advent', which is one of my favorites, far better than 'Nectar'.

Yes, last thing I heard Metallica will play Oslo but this is not 100%. Both Metallica and Maiden will play Roskilde, though.

Children of Flames , flybilletten får du kjøpe deg sjøl, men vorspiel kan jeg ordne ;)
[qoute]But they are FROM your country. Can't you go visit them or something?![/qoute]

Maybe we can buy a "rehearsal ticket"...?? :)
If they even come to Melbourne i hope they don't take Advent off for Nectar. Godhead's Lament and April Ethereal would be so fucking awesome to hear live! I have never seen Opeth (or any band) live so i'm sure what ever they play will be just magnificant!

My Thoughts of what I would like to see Opeth play on this tour.. Given that they should get about an hour and a half to play, hopefully 2 hours with Lacuna Coil no longer on the tour..

Forest of October
Twlight is my Robe
To Bid you farewell
April Ethereal
Demon of the Fall
White Cluster
The Funeral Portrait
A Fair Judgement

Thats just about 2 hours.. Damn.. Lots of stuff that was left off.. but, I think thats a pretty good setlist.. ;)
Thats just about 2 hours.. Damn.. Lots of stuff that was left off..

I can't imagine OPETH playing 2 hour long sets. They usually play seven or eight songs :cry:

I'd love to experience "The Moor" though, as opening track.
Id totally love to see The Twilight is my Robe live. Id rather see the Apostel in Truimph, but I would still be happy with TTIMR. The song Id love to hear the most would be Black Rose Immortal, but I doubt highly they would do it live.

Deliverance and A Fair Judgement are my fav Deliverance songs, so Im happy about that. But really, I just cant wait to hear any Opeth live.
In order to contribute something productive, this is what I'd like to see:

Opeth with The Moor... I just think that'd be great
The Twilight is my Robe (THEY BETTER PLAY THIS >_< One of my favorites!)
Demon of the Fall
April Ethereal
Godhead's Lament (if only for the shaweet part in the middle...)
Blackwater Park
Close with A Fair Judgement

Hrm... I'd like that ^_^