American or European-Scandinavian Metal

American or European-Scandinavian Metal

  • American Metal

    Votes: 7 16.7%
  • European-Scandinavian Metal

    Votes: 32 76.2%
  • Can't choose

    Votes: 3 7.1%

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Only a few good American Power/Prog bands, but there are some good ones. Euro/Scandavia has the US beat hands down in that arena.

For Death/Thrash though, the situation is reversed. I've heard a few incredible ones from overseas, but the US has more quality.

Black Metal, of course, is and always will be better in Scandanavia/Europe.

So I chose European/Scandanavian Metal: overall I'm purchasing more imports from there than US metal. And the nu-metal crud that US radio is forcing down people's throats is a disgrace. Turn off your radios and clean out your ears, then take about 15 showers--that junk is hard to wash off.

Originally posted by David Å.
And Aurora Borealis??? You got to be kidding to bring them up as an example of GOOD American metal. They play utterly boring and unoriginal death/black metal.

Oh really? A lot of people around here like them... but of course, a lot of people around here like shit like In Flames and Soilwork too...

America owns death metal, and you allllllll know it!