'NU Metal' - any takers?


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Apr 11, 2001
Sarf Lundin, Innit
Nu Metal seems to be a label that's thrown about a fair bit these days (or else I'm assuming some bands are labelled thus when they're not).

But, are there any such bands who you actually like (even if only a little)?

I have to admit I'm a bit partial to Linkin Park (their first single), but generally I tend to avoid them - particularly Korn, who just grate on my nerves.

Anyone else? Or am I alone on this one?;)
well, same here,

i first liked Papa Roach´s Last Resort but in general i really try to avoid all this NU Metal crap!

i mean, we have all that great stuff from Maiden, Megadeth, Tallica etc. What reason is there to listen to Papa Roach or Linkin Park ?!?! ;) :D

Up The Irons!
Metal Up Your Ass!
I fuckin' hate that shit with a passion. All those nu metal fuckwits should be taken out and shot. Twice. Ok, next time I'll tell you what I really thinnk! :D
Ahhh I love these threads, and I fully agree with Winmar :)

I also try to avoid calling it "nu-metal" because it isn't metal! I prefer terms such as "heavy rock", "rap rock", "mallcore" or simply "shit music". Since when do METAL bands rap, have DJ's, base their songs around groovy funky hip hop beats/basslines, and say "GET THE FUCK UP!" every sentence. Pfft its SHIT!

The mistake everyone makes is thinking anything heavy is metal. It isn't! The style of Slipknot's music is much more hardcore than it is metal, there is even more hip hop influence than metal influence. But oh, they tune in B and have double kicking... it must be metal huh? PFFT!

And the thing that pisses me off most about it being called metal is that now all the arrogant fuckwits who only pay attention to what MTV feeds them going around saying "Metal kix ass dOOd! Slipknot r da bomb! Iron Maiden r so gay! They aren't even metal, they don't even detune, and *gasp* the vocals are melodic! Metal doesn't have melodic vocals!" I'd like to take a big hunk of iron or something, bash these people in the head, and say "THIS IS FUCKEN METAL YOU DICKHEAD".

Ok, thats enough of my cheery reply to this topic :) Hahaha. I get a bit worked up because most people my age (I'm only 18) are ignorant to real metal and constantly put down my music because a) its melodic; b) the drums are fast instead of groovy; c) they don't detune; and d) the crowds don't mosh and groove to those horrid words "Are you ready? Then GET THE FUCK UP!"


Oh I didn't answer the question, do I like any of these bands :p
Hahahaha I think you can guess the answer!

But I don't mind Fear Factory, and I have no problem calling them metal either. I do however think they are FAR overrated, and I wouldn't buy their albums. All these MTV people say "Fear Factory are so good! Have you heard their drummer? OH MY GOD!" They just stand out because they are decent and the rest of these "nu-metal" bands are shit.

Any death metal drummer can do what that guy does. If you wanna hear really good technical stuff, listen to Control Denied or Death or something!
I'm with ya there Trooper on all of the above ;) I like Fear Factory too, and have a few of their albums, and have seen them a couple of times, but there are much better bands around. They were pretty fuckin' heavy actually, on their first album.

I usually put "nu metal" in quotation marks, as yeah as you say, it's just not metal! Fucking shit wanky pretentious rap-rock more like it.

Yeah, Control Denied or Death. That's the way!

A suitable response to those cockheads you encounter, Trooper, might be "fuck off and find some decent music, and in the meantime, perform fellatio on your dog again".

I like any music as long as its good. I do prefer bands such as Blaze, Saxon, Queensryche, Slayer etc but I also love Fear Factory, Pitchshifter etc.
I agree there is a lot of shit out there but if you ignore it all your bound to miss out on some great stuff.
I like slipknot too!;)
Pretty much these days I won't be able to stand any band that's featured in Metal Hammer. That mag used to be allright, but I had a look through an imported copy of it the other day and it's fucking appalling!! Not a metal band in sight!
They probably figure they can sell more copies by including bands that are more widely listened to, GRRR.

It's also annoying how 3 Hours Of Power is full of that stuff now, and they don't play any METAL or hard rock type stuff anymore on rage either, its all that "nu-metal".

That is the main problem with people calling this new stuff metal, it is invading the little that was left of heavy metal coverage in the media. Now if people say metal is gonna be on a show or something, it's actually Slipknot or something. It sucks.

At least we still have Screaming Symphony :)
Yeah tell me about it. That utter fucking shit is taking up valuable space on metal shows and in metal mags. Someone should put a stop to it immediately!

Yep, there's still Screaming Symphony for us lovers of real metal! ;)
Good ol' Gary and Peter!

I love Peter's accent HAHAHA!!!
"We huv sum powagh metahl from Helloveen and some neu prawg metahl...."