Opeth and Tool

i am a big fan of tool and i am also a big fan of opeth. i listened to tool before opeth.

both bands are great but i think there's one personal difference and that is that there are parts in tool songs that really make me shudder and make my hair stand on end. i just don't get this feeling when listening to opeth.

again both bands are great and i can't be bothered to argue about what one person thinks and what another person doesn't think. plus i don't read this thing enough to be able to keep up.
fadingessence said:
Hooker with a penis is just fucking hilarious. I think it's actually a pretty witty verbal bitchslap.

yea man I love that song, it's just not really "Deep", just clever. pretty much, it shoulda just been called "owned"
Tool and Meshuggah would be awesome

someone mentioned before they didnt want Opeth to tour with Tool, because they would lose the intimacy of small shows in the big stdaium atmosphere

The Wall Anyone????
trendend said:
Even though I'm sure I'll get ragged on for this, Danny Carrey is a better drummer than Martin. I am a huge fan of both bands, and have seen both of them live. A tour with these 2 together would be amazing...it would certainly make more sense than Tool and Meshuggah!
Actually if you know ANYTHING about music or rhythm you would understand why these two bands are even a better match than Opeth and Tool.
for what its worth i think they are both decent bands but if opeth ever did anything even half way as good as sober then i definately havent heard it. opeth dont, as far as i can tell, take one riff and one groove and a completely superb vocal melody and span it out for 5 minutes of total rock brilliance. and maynard is a better singer.
so tool win...i've sat there and jammed with mikael on acoustics and his clean vocals seemed no better than average.
"average compared to great singers"... you mean above average but not great?
i think mikael uses his clean vocals to do what he wants them to do
it's a very nice, relaxing voice, maybe not the best range or anything
maynard has an amazing voice, can hold screams for a really long time (as can mikael)
KevyCanavan said:
again my friend. you speak through that hole in your ass.

I think he made some decent points in that post.
Opeth does have a lot of jackass fans, as evidinced by this board.
Tool apparently does too, though when I saw them live it was in a stadium and I had horrible seats, far away from most of the fans, so I couldn't really tell.

And he IS allowed to think a band sucks if he wants, you know. It was the guy who called them simple that got me going a bit.
warsofwinter said:
Actually if you know ANYTHING about music or rhythm you would understand why these two bands are even a better match than Opeth and Tool.
I was waiting to see how long it would take for someone to react to that statement. I'm not taking anything away from Meshuggah, I loved everything they did up until Chaosphere. But now, instead of having any kind of dynamics, they went to one full album of total in-your-face non-stop riffs (Chaosphere, boring to me), to an album of total in-your-face music at 1/2 their normal speed (Nothing, even more boring to me). I still think Meshuggah is one of the most talented bands out there, I just don't agree with their current musical direction. Gone are the killer clean breaks, and very few are the killer solos from Fredrik. All of this babble leads to why I said what I said, meaning I don't think Meshuggah was a good fit w/ Tool, mainly because live they now concentrate on their two newest albums (which makes sense since they haven't played over much). Their new stuff has little to none of the dynamics that once made their music great, therefore making them clash with the constantly dynamic Tool. This is why I think Opeth would be a better fit for an opener for Tool, as both bands have great use of dynamics in almost all of their songs. And one final note, seeing as how I've been listening to Tool (1992), Meshuggah (1991) and Opeth (1995) since their first albums, and you're just now in high school, that would mean you may have been pushing first grade when these bands started coming out, so I think I know MORE about music than you do. Who in this group was into metal when Master of Puppets was new? haha
Kevy, maybe you should open your eyes and see that not everyone is going to agree with your definition of what "sucks". Even though Tool is a very talented and creative band in my opinion and yours, other people could value completely different things in the music they listen to. I'm sure there are fans of different genres of music who could very poignantly describe what Tool's music lacks and why it "sucks" to them. As for the fans, I don't think it's unfair to say that a band has attracted a lot of annoying, immature fans. Not at all. Sometimes it's just the sad truth. I'm not generalising. I'm not saying all the fans suck. I'm saying many do, which can be proven (in Opeth's case) by looking at this board. There are also many intelligent, mature fans who just want to enjoy and discuss the music.
there are 3 kinds of fans: closed-minded fans (who think that opeth, tool, etc. are the "best" bands on earth), stupid fans (who fall in love with the first decent band they hear and praise the band members like gods), and casual fans (who you can actually have a decent conversation with; these fans are the least stupid of all).
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