Which song(s) got you into Opeth and when?


Mar 28, 2009
Somewhere between here and there.
Remember when you had never heard Opeth yet? What a waste of your life, eh? :erk:
I remember... about 4 or 5 years ago, somebody told me about Opeth. I somehow liked the name of the band, so I remembered it. I later downloaded a few random songs, and I clearly remember that the first ones I loved were Hours Of Wealth and Credence. Then I heard Windowpane, and then the whole Damnation album... at that moment I was like :OMG: about them.. and, well, here I am, utterly in love with every single Opeth work. :loco:
harvest. about a year ago. loved it, so downloaded a few of their other songs. at first i HATED the growls so i deleted songs like wreath after only hearing the first few secs of the song, however it was the drapery falls that got me in to the heavy stuff because i couldn't delete the song, seeing as how i loved the first half of it too much. i eventually got into the growls and now rate Opeth as one of my fave bands, easily.
Ghost of Perdition on a plane. I liked it so i ripped all of my brother' cds onto my computer, and he has every album, so i was immersed in it and so for a long time that was all i ever really listened to. I love it now and it still makes up the majority of what i listen to.
Around 2003/2004ish my husband (then boyfriend) stumbled upon them and showed me To Bid You Farewell and Deliverance saying only, "these two songs are by the same band". This is probably the sole reason I married him.

Edit: He says it was Master's Apprentices, not Deliverance.
Was listening to Metallica, Tool, and some Isis as far as metal goes and thats it. Could tolerate some growls after listening to Isis but didn't really like 'em. Brother showed me the opening riff to Bleak and I thought it was really cool but after that riff it was kinda meh, but I checked out the Leper Affinity after that and played it like 10 times that day, then proceeded to love Blackwater Park, then bought Still Life, then Watershed, then Deliverance, then Ghost Reveries, then MAYH, then Morningrise, then Orchid, then Damnation, then tried to find similar bands, was disappointed for a while, and now I'm an absolute metalhead. Process started like a year ago.
Good ol' metal hammer introduced me to Opeth with the grand conjuration.
i didnt really take notice of it at the time.
So about 4 months later i was at a mates house and was listening to deliverance and thought it was the most different thing ive ever heard, because i was into alot of the mainstream metal at that time, and one of those "Metal or Die" kinda guys.
but soon after i went and bought ghost revries, then i was smitten, backtracked and got all of the albums.

i really do owe Opeth a great deal, for if it werent for them I wouldnt have opened my eyes to music as a whole.

Thanks alot guys!
My friend gave me all their albums, but I hated the growls so I only listened to Damnation. A year later I revisited Harvest of Blackwater Park, then got obsessed with the entire Blackwater Park album, and now I own and love all their stuff!
Very cool stories.

I was listening to satelite radio XMLM and heard both The Lotus Eater and Heir Apperant and was blown away. They didn't sound like anyone else. Reminded me of old King Crimson. Bought Watershed, got off on every song and then went on to buy their back records. Love them all. But I still don't have Deliverance. Shame on me. It's only a matter of time...
I checked them on Youtube, I think it was Harvest and The funeral portrait, but neither of them sounded interesting at the time.

Later I downloaded some songs of theirs to try again, so I had To Bid You Farevel on my mp3 player while I was in bulgaria, I listened to the song while we were leaving the place with the remaining battery.
Well but I had already before that decided that I am going to get into the band, because I bought a GR shirt from there to "seal the decision". It took pretty many listens to get to the band though, the songs were like ultra complex for me, except the softer ones and TGC.
My friends told me about them. I had no clue about their genre. I bought a CD compile that contains all their albums apart from Deliverance and Ghost Reveries (coz it wasn't out yet) and the first track was to bid you farewell, I was like : ow this is a very nice "mellow" band, the next one was When, few seconds of the into : Ow yeah, good licks, that sounds mellow... and then OMG !!!!!! WHAT A FUCKING BEAST !!!!
and btw, i thought they had two drummers coz i didn't know that someone could play double bass drums along with other drumming things. :D
Deliverance sometime in 2005, I didn't like it initially, but that song was the one that eventually got me into Opeth and it still has a special meaning to me.
I first heard the name Opeth 6-7 years ago, I cannot remember clearly, from a magazine. The band came for a concert in my country and the magazine naturally made some news about them. That made me wonder Opeth but I was in a country which metal music is not that common, and also, I was in a small town so I have nowhere to find it. I first listened To Bid You Farewell five years ago. It did not hit me first. But I got searched more songs. By that time, my musical taste were not that mature and I simply could not understand the music well therefore it was complex. But I did not lose hold from Opeth, I kept listening to several songs time to time. I remember the first song that actually caught me was Face Of Melinda then Hope Leaves.

In 2006, Opeth came to my country again for two concerts and I have seen them in one of that shows. Since that day, I quickly got into their albums and songs, I remember in the mid-2006 all I listened was nothing but only Opeth. I dig into their discography in 4-5 months time. Now, Opeth is one of my favourite bands. :)