Which song(s) got you into Opeth and when?

In 1999 - I got the song 'Benighted' on a sampler CD which was distributed by some label - I forget which one - that had a whole bunch of different metal bands on it. I had heard a lot of Opeth - their output was almost legendary and spoken in only hushed voices - but it was very hard to find their albums around these parts back then without ordering them from overseas, or if you were lucky in one of the few specialist retailer shops.

I found it odd that there was this beautiful acoustic song amongst all of these other generic metal bands - obviously in retrospect it was on there because it was the most appropriate length being a mere 5 minutes in length. So from then I knew I'd have to check them out definitely and ordered Still Life.

This was followed by much prosperity. Soon went back and got the rest of their discography - getting the new albums as they came out after getting the rest of the back catalogue. Thankfully since signing to Roadrunner (as much as I dislike some of the labels tactics) their albums have been much easier to find.

Good times.
Last summer, a few classmates that are Opeth fans told me I should give it a shot. I'm a prog fan myself however I really had a hard time accepting growls, so at my first glance I turned away quite quick without paying much attention to it at all. Few months later I gave it another shot and this time this song named Deliverance really captured me. Once again the growls bothered me, but the music was simply mesmerizing, unlike anything I've heard before.
So I started listening more and more to Opeth, tolerating the growls because getting to hear the music it was definately worth "enduring" the growls. Didn't take long for me to adjust and by now, I absolutely love it. :headbang:
I was (still am) a big fan of Porcupine Tree, so I had heard Death Whispered a Lullaby from the PT EP "Futile". I thought it was a nice song and that was that.

Now, during my teens and early twenties I was very much into death metal, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Morbid Angel, etc. I had kind of stopped listening to most of that except for a few select works (the golden era of Morbid Angel with David Vincent, a couple of Unleashed records, Entombed's "Wolverine Blues", and that was about it). I drifted into prog rock and fusion, Rush eventually became my favorite band along with Frank Gambale's fusion works. I was not that into metal at the time but could appreciate a good growl, if you catch my drift.

Then, somewhere on the net last year, there was a thread about "Albums that are completely full of win from start to finish", and someone mentioned Ghost Reveries. I'd heard of Opeth every now and then, I liked DWAL, so I thought what the hell, let's give it a spin.

So I got me Ghost Reveries and listened with some good earphones.

I almost creamed my underpants with the first two or three minutes of Ghost of Perdition. Holy fuck! o_O That was the music I wanted to hear! That I had wanted to hear all my life!!! The power! The brutality and the subtlety tripping hand in hand so naturally! "Devil cracked the earth in half..." whooooooooooooo. Why hadn't I heard of these guys before!?!?!? Whooooooooooooooaaaa!!! :worship:

And then the band kicks in again after the acoustic interlude for that part between 4:00 to 6:30, and I did cream my underpants. :headbang: Then the rest of the song proceeded to kick me in the nuts repeatedly until the very end, and I said thank you, can I have some more. :D

Since then it's been a frantic search to get all the material, and FINALLY I caught a break and Opeth came to town six months after I got into them. How convenient, I usually get into a band six months after they play here (and there's no hope of ever seeing them again). And that, arguably one of the best if not the best concert of my life, has made a complete fanboy out of me.

So Ghost of Perdition for me. :)
I think it was Harvest off Blackwater Park, but I only heard in about 2005 or so. Got the rest of their stuff shortly after.
about 2003 i heard harvest and a few tracks from damnation and loved them straight away. had never listened to death vocals before and started to get into them with tracks like drapery falls and i pretty much craved mikael's dick from then
No song really got me into them. I checked them out immediately after witnessing their performance last year on Metalcamp. Their gigs truly are one of a kind.
One of my friends and I had big discussions about opeth, he said it was the most awesome band in the world. Me, just listened to a small part of the song he had on his cell instantly said they sucked.
So our fights continiued almost a year in fact. He sent me blackwater park over msn I remember, and tbh I couldn't stand it. It was too boring I thought silly me, but I dont think I understood the song really lol.

But when he gave me a youtube link to drapery falls, a pact were made. That was and still is some of the most awesome stuff I've ever heard. So I started forcing myself through some of their other songs as he recomended to me (I need some time to get used to the songs tbh, dont know why, just do :p ) and here I am, as Opeth as my fav band ever, got over two times more played than Iron Maiden wich is on 2nd place on last.fm (I hardly use the service anymore though).

And for the record, Blackwater Park is one of their finest masterpieces.
this thread has been overdone but I will humor the originaal poster and say the entire MAYH album in 2004. I was turned on to them by my wife who was then my fiance. A funny story is that before I knew what anyone in Opeth looked like I pictured Mike as a big buff guy with long black hair lol
Deliverance and Demon of the Fall. I also heard Wreath, but it was so heavy I thought it was like....from one of their older albums with less production value or something. Haha. Then I got obsessed with their early albums and now they are my favorite band.
The Leper Affinity,something like in 2007.

I was like "Fuck,I like it! Fuck,that's a devilish growl! Fuck,this guitar is fucking awesome without being down-tuned!" And I was like "that's a bit too long"

after a few months I fell completely in love with Opeth. My fav band.
"In Mist She Was Standing."

Back in 1994 or 95. A friend of mine played me this song off a strange album that had a cover with no band or album name written on it. Just a picture of a flower. The twin guitar opening riff blew my fucking head off as it was like no other metal I'd heard before. Opeth have been number 1 for me since.
Demon of the Fall :D Sometime last school year (between September '07 and May '08) When I heard it I thought it was the most awesome and badass song I had ever heard :D
The first albums i listened to by them were Morningrise and Blackwater Park (Yeah i know i skipped around). Let me make this clear, Morningrise is one of the best albums known to man in my opinion. I like every song on it. Probably my favourites are The Night and the Silent Water and Black Rose Immortal got me into them. From Blackwater Park: Dirge for November and The Drapery Falls got me into them. :)
Serenity Painted Death - September 2001

Opeth was just a name I thought was cool that I heard on a Metallica message board so I thought Id give the band a listen. Was totally blown away by every aspect of the music and its a moment ill prob remember all my life.