Which song(s) got you into Opeth and when?

My story is very similar to a few other people here. Heard about them from various sources so, I decided to give them a try. After a few seconds of some song that I can't remember, I turned it off cause I hated screaming vocals. Never heard anything else about them for a while after that. I started listening to some Lamb of God through a friend advice, and little by little the vocals started growing on me. Once I started liking that type of singing too, it opened the door to other bands that I couldn't stand before. Anyways, somehow I stumbled upon the Harvest video on youtube. When the chorus kicked in, it tapped into an emotion that I hadn't experienced since I was a kid. It was an extreme emotion of hopelessness and I was blown away that a band had seemed to understand crazy feelings and translate them into a form of music. The next song that got me completely into all of their stuff was DEMON OF THE FALL :)
About 5 Years ago my brother was begging me to listen to this band called Opeth. At first I thought it was another one of those crazy death metal bands I wouldn't understand a fucking thing they were saying. At the time I wasn't really into death metal much. It was hard for me to get away from listening to TOOL (who were my fav at the time lol) So I passed on listening to them for a year or so.

Until one day I was driving and there was mix cd playing and this song came on and I was mesmerized by it. It was a long song but I was used to that from listening to TOOL. But never did I think that I would enjoy another just band as much. So I called up my brother and asked him what that song was and who was it by, he laughed and said it was a live performance of Deliverance. I said,"That was fucking LIVE!? Shit that was amazing!"

I haven't stopped listening to them since :headbang:
The first song that i heard & fell in love with was Windowpane. I couldn't believe that i was hearing such awesome music. I listen to alot of Tool, but Opeth just had some crazy tempo changes, and guitar riffs that blew me away. Now, everyone that i tell about the band is just as crazy about it as i am! Thanks for the Great music guys! :kickass:
I had the very same experience two years back !! but back then i was already into Opeth soooo much, and Bleak was one of the songs that spoke to me in a personal level. But Opeth never been the symbol of Hate to me by no means. I would pick up Bloodbath songs instead :p ah yeah.. Hate seems the only way sometimes, one of the things that helped me was slayer : Hate heals you should try it sometimes (even tho i'm not a slayer fan).

Im not saying that Opeth generates hate its just that all the art and tension they put in their music can make you hate.
Tbh I also listened to Here comes the pain by slayer when I was extremely mad. i still do:kickass:
Wow, really enjoying reading all these :D

The first mention of Opeth I heard was from my Japanese friend who had just joined my school. Ghost Reveries had just been released and he was raving about it. At the time I was just getting into Iron Maiden, Ayreon, Iced Earth and Megadeth and he suggested I listen. So with this in mind and loving Akerfeldt's performance on The Human Equation, when I went to, the now closed ;_; can't even remember what it was called..., music store in Camden, upon seeing Blackwater Park on sale for £5 I just had to get it.

When I got home I put the CD in and after the first few seconds of Leper affinity I took it out and stored it away because it scared the shit out of me! :rofl: I left it there gathering dust for at least a month or so. Then, one day I was bored and decided to grit my teeth and listen to the entire album. And I came out the other side an Opeth fan :D At first I listened to it for the ambient stuff, then learned to appreciate then love the harsh vox. So yeah Opeth got me into Melodic Death Metal :)

So yeah I guess Leper Affinity was my first and Harvest got me hooked.
The Moor, Summer of 2007, Working the night shift with a guy that was hard core into them. Asked if i had heard them before ?? (No) after that it was one OMG after another as I went through there complete collection...